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Huge Earrings

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

During the 1980’s huge earrings became an iconic fashion statement, and they were the accessory to wear if you wanted to have style and sophistication, without being afraid to show it.
Thanks to television shows such as ‘Dynasty’ huge earrings meant you were going places, that you wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer, and you loved the fact they were over-sized too.
During this decade, pop stars, movie stars and TV stars wore earrings that were bigger and brighter than ever before. No longer were they small and delicate pieces of jewlery, they were big, colorful and bold!
Not only did your favorite TV stars wear these plastic, gold, or silver earrings, but so did teenage girls who wanted to be a part of the latest fashion craze. This trend wasn’t just for the rich and famous, it was perfect for the girl next door too, as they came as cheap as you wanted, and they always looked good.

Suitable For Every Outfit
It didn’t matter how you liked to dress, whether you wanted to wear a very smart suit, or relax around the house in your jogging pants, you could always find earrings that suited any outfit.
Whether you had to go into the office, you were heading out to a club or spending a few hours drinking in the local bar, huge earrings looked good. If you wanted to look smart and sophisticated, wearing the right pair of huge earrings would help you to achieve that very look. If you wanted to look casual, you could also find that perfect pair.
It was in the 1980’s when more men started to wear earrings. They weren’t as big as ladies’ earrings, but there weren’t very small either. Crosses and drop earrings were pretty popular among men during this decade, and some even dared to wear a single ladies’ earring as it would complement their outfit.


A Variety Of Colors
During the 1980’s it was time to say ‘Goodbye’ to boring gold or silver earrings, as it was time to welcome in huge earrings that came in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Huge earrings were a real fashion statement, and the bigger and bolder they were, the better.
Women and men often wore other pieces of jewlery such as necklaces, rings and bangles, but it was the large earrings that always stood out and screamed style.
Clip On Earrings
As you can probably imagine, some earrings were probably a bit too heavy to wear, so someone came up with the idea of selling clip on earrings that were less painful for the wearer’s ears.
Quite simply, if your earrings did not dwarf your ears or at least touch your shoulders, they weren’t big enough, and in the 80’s the bigger your earrings, the better your outfit was, no matter what you were wearing. Occasionally referred to as ‘Door knockers’, they could be seen by anyone passing you on the street, which meant they knew you were in touch with the latest craze, and looking good.