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8 Great 80s Kids Costume Ideas

When it comes to great costumes, you can’t go wrong with the perfect 80s kids costume for your little one. If you’re reading this you’re probably a big fan of the 80s, so why not share the nostalgia with your most precious loved ones?

From the casual and comfortable, to the expensive and high-end, there is no shortage of ways to create your 80s kids costume for birthdays, Halloween, or any other dress-up event.

80s Kids Costumes

So if you need some ideas for your child’s next big costume party, here are some great 80s kids costume suggestions that we think will get your mind jogging.

The 80s was a crazy time for fashion, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination to create the perfect 80s costume for your little one.

So what are some great 80s kids costume ideas? Here’s our top picks!

1. Standard 80s Fashion Costume

Obviously we first have to start with the standard 80s fashion costume. This is basically your adult’s 80s fashion costume just in a smaller size.

For starters we are talking about neon colored clothing paired with some big hairstyles. You can include 80s classics like leg warmers and fishnet tops, combined with some futuristic sunglasses and jelly bracelets.

For boys bright neon clothing works as well, you could even do a mini 80s workout outfit or 80s rapper outfit. If you want to be more rebellious an 80s rocker costume is also a favorite for boys.

2. Batman Costume

For boys who love Batman, the classic 80s Batman costume is perfect! Batman was one of the most iconic movies of the 1980s, and this costume is one that is universally recognized and widely available.

You can also add accessories, such as pouches for your weapons or utility belts for your gadgets! This is a great superhero costume idea for kids who love comics or movies about superheroes!

3. 80s Pop Diva Costume

Another great costume ideas for little girls would be the “80s Pop Diva Costume”. The 80s were a great time for music, and there were no shortage of iconic female singers to choose from.

You could do a costume inspired by Madonna’s 80s fashion or perhaps even a Cyndi Lauper costume as well as an homage to these 80s women’s icons. Don’t forget other 80s music queens like Whitney Houston, Joan Jett, and Tina Turner as well!

This costume is perfect for any ’80s pop star out there! The best part about this one is that it can be made very quickly, which makes it an ideal last-minute costume idea. You’ll probably only need to buy a dress and perhaps a wig, and combine that with items you may already have in your child’s closet to create the perfect 80s pop diva costume!

4. Beetlejuice Costume

This is a great costume for your child to wear, and is perfect for either boys or girls. Beetlejuice was another iconic movie from the 1980s, and it has become quite a popular child’s costume as well.

It is a fun costume because of the green hair color and face makeup, and besides the black and white top most parents will already have the lower black pants, leggings, and boots required to pull this costume off.

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5. Supergirl Costume

Supergirl is one of the most popular characters in the DC universe, and she’s always been a favorite character representing women’s empowerment and strength.

The character is one that is widely recognized, and will make your little girl feel like a superhero anywhere that she goes!

6. Star Wars Costume

The Star Wars franchise was one of the most iconic ones of the 1980s, and it is still super popular today. Even though the original movies happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away, kids today will still recognize and love the original characters.

Of course for women a Princess Leia or Jedi costume works well. Boys can play anyone from Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Han Solo. There are also quite a few kids Chewbacca costumes available online too if you want to go all out.

7. Super Mario Bros Costume

When the original Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the mid-80s, the world would never be the same. And with each game console, Super Mario Bros was what was included, and a whole generation would be introduced to Mario and Luigi and their crazy adventures.

The Super Mario Bros video game offers a great amount of 80s kids costume ideas. From the brothers Mario and Luigi to Toad and the Princess, there is no shortage of retro characters to choose from when creating the perfect 80s video game nostalgia costume.

8. Ghostbusters Costume

Another epic 80s movie franchise besides Star Wars was of course Ghostbusters. These costumes have been a fan favorite for decades, and they will also be a favorite of your little one as well.

The most obvious choices are the tan/brown jumpsuits with the proton pack, but other costumes including characters like Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man can also work as well.

Final Thoughts On 80s Kids Costumes

No matter what you end up choosing as your kid’s 80s costume, you can’t go wrong with picking some from the 1980s. The decade was an iconic time for movies and music, and the 80s left you with no shortage of options to choose from.

Creating the perfect 80s kids costume is a great way to share the best decade ever with the next generation. It was a decade like no other, and the iconic figures are for the most part universally recognized, making them great choices for anyone that needs a great idea for their next party.

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