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The 80s Madonna Costume

So you have an 80s themed event coming up, and you decided you need a great 80s Madonna costume, but where do you even begin when it comes to nailing the iconic look of the Material Girl?

There is no doubt that when it comes to 80s fashion, it doesn’t get more incredible than Madonna. She was and still is an amazing icon, so we’re not surprised that you’re interested in her 80s look. Whether you need an 80s Halloween costume or are just going to an 80s party, you can’t go wrong with dressing up as Madonna.

When it comes to Madonna’s most memorable looks, there are a few different options you can go for. However if you want the classic 80s Madonna look, we definitely recommend you try her signature look from the 1985 American Movie Awards.

A Popular 80s Madonna Costume Is Her Black Ensemble From The 1985 American Music Awards

This timeless look is one that many Madonna 80s costumes are modeled after, or at the very least inspired from. So what will you need to recreate this amazing Madonna 80s look? Read on to find out!

Creating An 80s Madonna Costume

Madonna really encompassed what 80s fashion was about, and her 80s fashion style is undoubtedly timeless.

So if you’re looking to create an 80s Madonna costume for your next 80s themed party or Halloween, here are some things you’re going to need to recreate her epic 1985 AMA look:

1. Black Lace Dress

Madonna rocked the wild child look and she was amazing at it. One of her signature looks during the 1980s was her 1985 AMA look where she wore a black dress complete with complimenting black leggings. It’s a look that is so very clearly her and any fancy dress where you are dressing as the icon should start off with a dress like this as the basis.

2. Black Leggings

Under her 1985 AMA dress Madonna wore a pair of black leggings which was a popular fashion trend of the 80s. It’s a pretty sexy look and if you turn up in the dress and leggings alone, most people will know exactly who you are trying to be. This combo will make you a hit at any 80s themed event, and people should have no problem recognizing who you’re trying to be!

3. Lace Fingerless Gloves

Madonna was well known for wearing lace gloves and that is no different in this 1980’s outfit that you are trying to replicate. The gloves that she wore looked sexy and punk, which is the perfect combination!

You can go for black or white gloves, but white might look better in this situation just to break the outfit up a little. Of course fingerless gloves were the trend of the day, so definitely make sure you don’t forget this detail.

4. Black Leather Jacket

No costume for this icon is complete without a leather jacket that was a staple of 80s fashion and also Madonna’s wardrobe. This is something that she would often wear so make sure that you have something similar for when you are dressing up as her.

5. Madonna’s 80s Hair

When it came to Madonna’s hair in the 80s, her two most iconic looks were short and crimped (left) or straight and long (right) style. So depending on your natural hair, you may need a good wig in either style.

Don’t forget the 80s was all about accessories, and Madonna typically wore a scrunchie or bow on the top of her head.

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6. Material Girl Accessories

Madonna was never lacking when it came to accessories so make sure that you do it right if you want to have the best Madonna outfit possible. She wore big earrings as well as cross necklaces regularly, which would look very nice with this particular outfit. Other popular Madonna accessories include jelly bracelets and also beaded jewelry.

Keep in mind that the 80s was all about “layering” jewelry, so don’t be shy when piling these accessories on! After you picked out the right accessories, the only thing that you need to finish off the look will be a killer pair of heels!

7. 80s Madonna Makeup

You are almost transformed completely into Madonna, the only thing to think about now is the right 80s makeup. You can’t go wrong with red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and black eyeliner, and mascara. Don’t forget Madonna’s signature beauty spot, you can draw this on with a black liner.

Note that Madonna’s makeup in the 80s followed the bold colors and style of the day, but it was still not over the top. In contrast to other artists like Cyndi Lauper, her makeup was relatively light and not caked on, so don’t overdo it!

Final Thoughts On The 80s Madonna Costume

So the above was just an example of one possible idea of for a great 80s Madonna costume. Keep in mind that you don’t need to adhere to these guidelines strictly, you can definitely substitute some items out depending on what’s available in your wardrobe.

For example if you don’t have the black dress, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a mini skirt with a crop top and leggings instead. Or you could feel free to change up the color scheme to something more palatable to your taste. As long as you at least get the hair and accessories right, people should recognize that it’s Madonna you’re dressing up as!

Hopefully the above helped spur some ideas in your mind about creating a great 80s Madonna costume. You might not have the voice of Madonna but now that you know exactly how to dress like her, you are ready for any fancy dress event that comes your way. It’s just time to nail the attitude and after a few drinks, that will hopefully come naturally!

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