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America’s Fascination With 1980’s TV Sitcom Alf

Alf was a popular sitcom that aired in the 1980s. Although it only ran for four seasons, it still managed to capture the hearts and minds of many Americans. The show starred a furry alien who crash-landed on Earth from his home planet of Melmac. It’s not hard to see why so many people loved Alf — he was friendly, funny, and always there when you needed him most.

Why America Loved Alf

Alf is also one of those rare TV shows that have stood the test of time; fans will always remember this wonderful series fondly. But what made America love Alf? What drove audiences crazy with their favorite fuzzy extraterrestrial? We take a look at some possible reasons for this phenomenon below:

1. He Was Friendly

Alf didn’t have to worry about problems like friendship, love, or the meaning of life. All he had to do was make people laugh and everything would be alright. He was a truly lovable alien — that’s why everyone loved him!

2. Alf Never Stayed Long For Dinner

This was one of our favorite things about Alf; he could be at your home in a matter of seconds for some food and fun. No lengthy visits with this guy — just grab the remote, pop open an Almond Roca, and wait for him to appear!

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3. He Always Dressed Well

Alf always looked sharp in the latest 1980s fashion. He sported enough gold jewelry and shades to impress the most stylish disco diva (not that he ever danced at any clubs). This look was popular among Americans and helped attract many new fans to this wonderful show.

4. He Never Talked Down To Children

Alf was a wise, mature extraterrestrial who always respected his human hosts — even the bratty kids! Although Alf didn’t spend much time with children during the show, it still helped endear him to many young viewers across America.

5. Alf Never Had Children

This was one aspect of life on Earth that Alf didn’t understand — and we were better for it! We loved watching him interact with other kids and just pretend to understand what they were talking about. It was fun for all!

6. He Was Always There When You Needed Him Most

Alf wasn’t like many adults who had a job to go to every day or children that required plenty of attention; he would always be available for whatever awesome thing you wanted to do. He was a terrific pal, and fans will always remember him as such!

7. He Had His Own Sense Of Humor

Alf knew how to make people laugh — even if it involved dressing up in silly costumes or making fun of those that annoyed him. We loved seeing this side of him on TV because he never hurt his friends. He was definitely a class act.

Our furry extraterrestrial friend had it all — he was friendly, funny, and always there to brighten our day whenever we needed him most. Thanks, Alf!

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