80s History – 04/01/84 Motown Legend Marvin Gaye is Killed

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April 1, 1984. This was the day when Marvin Gaye, the man and the voice behind some of the most famous R & B hits of the era, was killed. The murder was committed by Marvin Gaye’s own father, and it was the day just before the singer’s 45th birthday. And sadly, it wasn’t an April Fool’s trick. Who Was…

80s History – 01/24/1984 Steve Jobs Introduces First Macintosh Computer

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January 24, 1984 was the day of the annual Apple’s shareholders meeting in the Flint Center in Cupertino. It was a day that would go down in history, a day that will forever change how people viewed personal computers. You can even read what he said online. It was the day that Steve Jobs finally introduced the revolutionary Macintosh computer….

80s History – 08/13/81 Fall Of The Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall served as a barrier that divided the capital up until its fall in 1989. The wall was erected by the German Democratic Republic in East Germany on the 13th of August 1961. Because of the wall, West Berlin was totally cut off by land from East Germany, and also East Berlin. The complete demolition of the wall…

80s History – 07/29/81 Diana and Prince Charles Wedding

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The wedding between Lady Diana Spencer and Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales took place on July 29, 1981. The grand wedding was held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, in London. The fairy tale story however didn’t have a happy ending. The royal couple separated in 1992 and eventually, in 1996, they were officially divorced. Princess Diana And Prince Charles…

80s History – 07/07/1981 First Woman Appointed to the US Supreme Court

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Back in July 7, 1981, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that he would nominate the first ever woman to the United States Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor. She was to replace Potter Stewart who was about to retire. O’Connor was notified a day before the actual nomination and she was caught unaware as she didn’t even know she was one of…

80s History – 03/30/1981 The Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt

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The assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan happened on March 30, 1981, just 69 days after he stepped into office. While the president was leaving a speaking engagement in Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., he together with three companions were shot. A little bit past two o’clock in the afternoon, he left the hotel via the “President’s Walk”. His…

80s History – 06/07/1982 Elvis Presley’s Graceland Opens to the Public

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On June 7, 1982  the home of music legend Elvis Presley “Graceland” was opened to the public. Today the 13.8-acre property located in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the biggest pilgrimage sites in the country, with hundreds of thousands of rock ‘n’ roll music fans from all corners of the globe visiting it every year. On the day Graceland opened…

80s History – 06/05/81 AIDS Recognized as a Disease

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June 5, 1981. For those who scoured the newspapers that day, it seemed that nothing momentous was on the horizon. In the New York Times, it was reported that two Vietnam War veterans were on a hunger strike to pressure President Reagan to focus on the problems of veterans. There was a circus in Brooklyn, and the Yankees beat the…

80s History – 05/13/1981 Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II

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It was late afternoon on May 13, 1981 and it was time for the Pope’s weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. It took him almost half an hour to weave through the crowd, while riding an open Jeep that was affectionately called the Popemobile. But then 4 shots rang out. Pope John Paul II famous for his…

80s History – 08/01/81 MTV is Launched

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One small step for cable TV, one giant leap for the music industry. On August 1, 1981 the musical landscape for millions around the world changed with the launch of the MTV channel. But the concept of playing videos on TV wasn’t exactly new. Music videos were already very popular in other parts of the world, especially in the UK….