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The Daphne Costume

If you’re looking for a great throwback costume for your next event, a Daphne Costume from the classic cartoon “Scooby-Doo” is always a crowd favorite.

Daphne Blake is an iconic cartoon character that is instantly recognizable by anyone who has watched Scooby-Doo over the years. Dressed in her signature purple dress, scarf, and rocking flowy orange hair, Daphne is a classic cartoon character with a style all her own.

The Daphne costume is also quite versatile as well. You can either do a conservative more traditional Daphne that is true to the cartoon series, or if you’re more daring, a sexier version of the costume which is quite popular as well.

Daphne Costume

So what does it take to get the perfect Daphne Blake costume? Well it’s not as complicated as you think, and with a little preparation, you too can create the perfect costume to honor this classic cartoon heroine.

Here’s a list of essentials you’ll need to complete your Daphne costume for your next event. From a long red wig to a purple dress, this guide will have you looking just like the Mystery Inc. leader in no time.

1. Long Orange Wig

To start your Daphne costume, a long orange wig is an essential item. Not only will it be the defining element of the look, but it will also give you that iconic bright orange hair for which the character is known. A synthetic wig is usually the best option, as it will be less likely to become tangled or matted.

You can also use styling products such as hairspray or mousse to ensure your wig looks as good as possible. To achieve Daphne’s signature look, try adding some light waves with a curling iron or hot rollers. The more you can do to make the wig look natural and realistic, the better your costume will turn out.

2. Long-Sleeve Purple Dress

The long-sleeve purple dress is key in achieving the perfect Daphne look. The dress should be cut just above the knee, and preferably made of light fabric, such as chiffon. Be sure to get a slightly off-the-shoulder dress to capture that signature Scooby-Doo look.

Note that Daphne’s iconic purple dress also has some light trim near the bottoms and on the sleeves. There are many online stores that actually sell this dress as it is a popular costume, though of course you can sew your own as well should you be a more of a DIY kind of person.

3. Purple Headband

The purple headband is a must-have component for a Daphne costume. This accessory really helps to complete the look and bring the character to life. It’s important to find one that fits comfortably, as it will be part of your costume all night long.

Purple is the popular color for Daphne, so make sure you choose a headband in a deep or vibrant shade of this color. Try to find a headband with a bow or other embellishments for a more finished look.

Whether you opt for a classic elastic band or something a bit more stylish, a purple headband is an ideal way to add a nice touch to your Daphne costume.

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4. Purple Heels

A key part of completing your Daphne costume is ensuring you have the right pair of shoes. Of course, if you’re going to be rocking the look of the iconic mystery solver, you’ll need a pair of purple heels!

Now the shoes Daphne wears are unique, in that they are heels with a noticeable purple tongue, and there are companies online that specifically sell these shoes for the Daphne Costume.

However most people will do just fine with any pair of purple heels or even purple flats. You’ll want to ensure that the shoes are light or bright purple, and generally have a heel that is no more than four inches high.

If you want something a little sexier, consider purple boots as well if you’re trying to do a more risqué version of the Daphne costume. Either short of knee-high vinyl boots are both great choices.

Once you have the perfect pair of purple heels or boots for your Daphne costume, make sure that you wear them comfortably and confidently. Rocking the look of this classic character will be easy when you have the right footwear.

5. Light Green Scarf

A light green scarf is an indispensable part of a Daphne costume, as it helps to give the outfit a truly authentic look. Daphne’s signature scarf was always her primary accessory, so you should make sure you include one in your costume.

A light green scarf is a suitable choice, as it complements the purple dress and headband while still maintaining its own unique look. The light green hue can help give the costume a fun, vintage feel while still looking modern and fresh.

6. Sheer Tights

For a more authentic Daphne costume, definitely consider incorporating some light colored sheer tights. This is more of an optional item, and many women choose to forgo the tights when it comes to their Daphne costume. However a good pair of sheer tights offers a nice contrast between the dark purple dress of the outfit.

Even though a light color like white or light pink is the color of choice, many women choose other colors depending on their personal taste. A dark purple is great, and even black works well too.

If you’re going the sexy route, black fishnet tights can work as well. Again adding your own personal style to your costume is always a great idea.

7. Purple Clutch Or Purse

To complete your Daphne Costume definitely consider carrying a purple clutch or purse. Though not an official part of the costume, it is a great way to hold on to some necessities as there is a good chance that your Daphne dress may not have pockets.

A simple matching purple clutch works well, or you can use a boxy purse like the one Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Daphne used in the 2002 “Scooby Doo” movie.

Final Thoughts On The Daphne Costume

A Daphne costume is the perfect way to express your love for Scooby-Doo, while looking fun and sexy at your next big event. All you need is a few key items to create the look of the iconic mystery solving gal.

With these items, you’ll be ready to take on any mystery and look great at your next special event. And always remember you can’t go wrong by adding your own special touches to make the Daphne costume your own!

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