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Huaraches are shoes that are a mix between beach sandals and traditional shoes. The shoe features an open-air sandal design, but it also includes full coverage over the foot and toes. You’ll notice a distinct woven pattern on the top parts of these shoes, and their unique design made them a popular choice for footwear during the 1980s.

The design combines the best of shoes and sandals, and it proved to be extremely popular in the twentieth century. The shoes first became popular in the 1960s, as they were a part of hippie culture and were even mentioned in the lyrics of the Beach Boys’ hit “Surfin’ USA” (1963).

But Huaraches shoes became even more of a hit in the 1980s. The style was both fashionable and comfortable, and it went well with many of the 80s fashion trends of the day.

Huaraches In The 80s

The design of Huaraches is one of the top reasons this shoe style was a hit in the 1980s. While some high-end Huaraches are made with leather, woven string and thin wooden materials were eventually used in some models. These materials pair with a slim woven sole that provides comfort and traction while adding a classy look.

Huaraches Were Perfect Footwear For Really Any Occasion

The design is fancy, but it also provides a casual look suitable for many fashion desires. You could wear these shoes at a club or on the beach, and these shoes could still work for just any everyday purpose.

True Versatility

The versatility of Huaraches is another popular part of these shoes, as they can appear in many forms. Some Huaraches have ankle straps you can adjust to keep the shoe in place. Some Huaraches have open sides, while others remain closed.

Huaraches Came In All Types Of Materials And Designs
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The heels on these shoes can also vary, with most of them coming with mostly flat heels. A small riser can appear at the end, but the flat design provides a sandal-like feel suitable for many environments. High wedge heels or chunky heels were also found in some of these shoes, but those features aren’t as prominent.

Ideal For Warm Weather

The open-air design of Huaraches makes them perfect for warm weather conditions. You could go out on the beach and feel your best wearing these shoes. With the Miami Vice style being such a big deal in the 1980s, it’s no surprise these shoes were so popular during the decade.

Mixes Well With Many Fashions

Another part of the popularity of Huaraches comes from how they pair well with various fashions. You can wear these shoes with cutoff jean shorts or a boho short design. You could also wear them with linen pants and complete the look well, especially if your Huaraches are made of leather.

Huaraches Were Great For Both Casual Or Slightly Upscale Outfits

Huaraches are also easy to wear with or without socks, providing extra versatility. While the socks should match up with the color of the shoes, the 80s were a time where fashion was wild and bold, so many mixed and matched colors as well.

You could also wear Huaraches with black sunglasses to add a mysterious look. Opaque sunglasses are useful here, as they add an aura of intrigue.

Are Huaraches Still Popular?

Though not as popular as they were in the 80s, you can easily find Huaraches from many retailers today, with designs available for men and women. These shoes are mostly high-end, as they require plenty of effort to prepare, and you’ll find a variety of these shoes to match whatever interests you.

Whether or not they are “fashionable”, huaraches still remain a great sandal to wear for anyone that is looking for a comfortable and stylish shoe. However as far as fashion trends are concerned, sadly huarache sandals are not nearly as popular as they once were in the 1980s.

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