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You may have seen celebrities wearing Keds in the 1980s, and you probably remember them being basically everywhere if you grew up in the best decade ever. Jennifer Grey wore them in Dirty Dancing, they were seen in other popular movies, and if you were around in the 1980s you probably owned a pair or two yourself!

80s Fashion Trend: Keds Shoes

Keds shoes were cheap and fashionable, and they became a popular choice for comfort as well. The popular all white design also made them easy to match with just about anything you wore.

The signature “White Keds” shoes were one of the most popular of the 1980s, and they were a must have staple in just about any 1980s wardrobe.

Almost Everyone In The 1980s Owned At Least A Pair Of White Keds Shoes

Keds shoes were one of the most popular and versatile shoes of the 1980s. The low price tag made them appealing to many, and they were priced lower than Reebok and Nike which made them a popular choice among teenagers. Keds retail sales grew from $60 million in 1986 to $227 million in 1989, and they were one of the most successful shoe brands of the 1980s.

So why were Keds Shoes so popular during the 1980s?

Keds Shoes In The 80s

Keds Shoes had been around for so long they basically have become a part of American culture. Founded in 1916, their shoes were originally designed for sportsmen, but over time they have become just as popular among people who are not athletes. Keds Shoes were the first mass-marketed, casual athletic shoe, and they became known as the original “sneakers.”

These sneakers became so popular because they were made of canvas, had vulcanized rubber soles for durability and traction, and had a 40 percent rubber sole making them lightweight and flexible. The soft rubbery treads on their soles gave them this nickname because when worn with socks or stockings they made no sound when someone walked around in them.

Keds Designed Numerous Styles Of Durable And Affordable Shoes That Made Them Popular In The 1980s

The popularity of Keds shoes in the 1980s was due to a number of factors. Firstly, Keds were affordable. They were also simple and easy to wear.

They were also comfortable, and they looked stylish too! In particular, they were popular with people who wanted to look good but didn’t want to spend too much money on their clothes. If this sounded like you, then Keds shoes were your choice during the 1980s.

Keds shoes also appeared often in pop culture which furthered their popularity. They were seen being worn by celebrities in movies, and this caused everyone to want a pair of these sneakers on their feet as soon as possible!

Most notably Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing” is thought of as helping to launch the brand into the stratosphere as women around the country wanted to be just like her character “Baby Houseman”. Remember “Nobody puts baby in a corner”, and nobody wanted to not have her shoes!

Jennifer Grey Infamously Wore A Pair Of White Keds Shoes In “Dirty Dancing” (1987)
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Keds’ popularity during the 1980s can really be attributed to its simplicity and affordability. Just like much of the faux jewelry that became affordable during the decade, almost anyone could afford a pair of Keds shoes. Furthermore their durability meant that you could really stretch out the life of a single pair, and if you wiped them clean from time to time, the shoe could literally last for years!

Keds Shoes Canvas Composition Made Them Both Durable And Comfortable

It was in the 1980s when Keds became more than just a brand name on your feet—it became a synonym for coolness. The trend started with young people who wanted to look like they were part of the popular crowd at school or college, but soon spread around the world as people saw how good these shoes looked on everyone else wearing them!

Are Keds Shoes Still Popular?

Yes, Keds shoes are still in fashion. The company has been producing sneakers since 1916 and is still considered one of the world’s best shoe brands. Today, they make more than just athletic footwear—they create stylish, comfortable shoes for men and women that can be worn everywhere from the office to a night out.

Keds shoes have been a popular brand for over 100 years. They provide a classic look that never goes out of style. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so you definitely should have no problem finding something that suits your personal taste.

Keds shoes are just one of those timeless 1980s fashion trends that will probably never go out of style, and we don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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