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Lite Brite Toy Lit Up The 1980s

Lite-Brite is a toy from Hasbro that was introduced in 1967 but really hit its stride in the 1980s. The Lite-Brite toy features a box with a light on the inside part, and you would use colored plastic pegs that fit into various holes on the box panel based on a configuration. Kids would insert these pegs into the holes and then turn on the Lite-Brite light to display a unique colored image.

The toy was a bit hit in the 1980s for how it allowed kids to be creative. The toy is still popular today and is being made in various forms, but why was Lite-Brite such a runaway sensation during the 1980s?

Lite Brite Let Kids Create

One reason Lite-Brite was popular in the 1980s (and is still popular today) is that it gives kids the ability to create anything on the display. Kids can apply pegs of varying colors anywhere on the box panel to create various pictures, shapes, or messages.

Lite Brite Let Kids Create Cool Lighted Images

There’s also the option to use a picture sheet that goes over the light box. Kids can insert the light pegs into the designated spots on the sheet to create an entertaining image.

It’s easy to find Lite-Brite ideas online through sites like Pinterest. Television commercials for the product also show the many possibilities people have for creating things with Lite-Brite. The catchy jingle also help sell the product to the masses at the time with great success, I mean who could forget this magical tune?

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Lite Brite Had Endless Possibilities

Lite-Brite toy pegs are made in various colors, including red, orange, blue, green, yellow, and purple. The extensive assortment of colors makes it so kids can be more creative when figuring out what designs they want to create on their Lite-Brite boxes.

Lite Brite Colored Pegs Inspired Endless Creativity

The brilliance of the toy was that it allowed kids to be artists on a cool lighted box, and parents loved it because it stimulated creativity and kept kids busy for hours.

Fun Sheet Sets

Part of Lite-Brite’s popularity in the 1980s came from the toy having many fun sheet sets. Kids could find many picture refill sets from their local toy stores. Various cartoon characters, superheroes, toy lines, and other fun things of the time had Lite-Brite sheet sets.

Even Mr. T had his own sheet set. Kiss didn’t have one, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from creating Kiss-themed Lite-Brite designs. The possibilities with Lite-Brite were literally endless.

Easy to Power

The design of the Lite-Brite toy is also part of why it was popular in the 1980s. The toy did not require any batteries, as a parent could plug the toy into a regular power outlet. The design ensured there wouldn’t be any batteries that could become dislodged from the device.

More modern versions of the Lite-Brite toy operate on battery power, although they typically require a few AA or AAA batteries, depending on the model you use. But these toys can also feature screws and fasteners to ensure the batteries will not come out.

Lite-Brite Is Still a Hit Today

Lite-Brite might have been a big deal in the 1980s, but the toy is still being made by Hasbro. People can find various Lite-Brite models today, including a three-dimensional cube where you can create four different images on the same box.

Whether you’re looking for something nostalgic or you want to get a toy for your kids that encourages creativity, Lite-Brite is a fun toy to explore. The same toy that was popular in the 1980s is still noteworthy today, and there’s no telling what limits there are to what people can create with Lite-Brite going forward.

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