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Male Ponytails

Right now it may be popular for men to have short hair with the occasional untidy part running through it, but way back in the 80’s, a lot of men had a ponytail. It was cool, it was hip, and it was the hairstyle to have. If you were a guy with a ponytail in the 80’s there’s no doubt about it, you were stylish.
Men everywhere started to grow their hair long and tie it up at the back. Thanks to a huge number of male pop and movie stars, ponytails were very popular. Match that look with a clean white shirt and a leather vest and you were good to go. 

While we can’t be completely sure where male ponytails originated, we know that some guys took it to an extreme. Some had very long ponytails that they would even plait, just to give it that extra cool touch. Others would grow the rest of their hair just as long and have it hanging loose while their ponytail was tied up and looking smooth.
No matter who you were, how old you were or where you worked, if you could get away with having a ponytail, most men would. Although some jobs meant you had to stay smart and have short hair, others would allow men to have flowing locks, and it wasn’t uncommon to see builders, teachers, lawyers, drivers, store owners, bank tellers and so many other men sporting a lovely long ponytail.

A Little Bit Of Controversy
This was something quite new, this was something that only women and a few exotic men would grow, and it was something that would cause controversy in workplaces and schools. Some employers didn’t want their male employees to have ponytails, teachers and principals would occasionally send male home if they were seen to be trying to grow a ponytail.

Ok, so male ponytails weren’t thought to be professional, perhaps they were too feminine for some to comprehend, or there may have indeed been a touch of jealousy as not everyone’s’ hair would have grown fast enough.

What About Now?
So male ponytails were popular in the 1980’s, but what about now, are men still more than happy to have one, or has the modern man shunned a hairstyle that’s usually suited to women?
Some men still have ponytails, some men are still more than happy to grow their hair and show off their long flowing locks. Even in the 21st century, a fashion statement that was very popular way back in the 1980’s is still loved and admired by some men. Indeed, some balding men even compensate for loss of hair by growing it long at the back.
So it looks as though the popularity of male ponytails may just stay stuck in the 1980’s. Although there seems to be a bit of an 80’s revival occurring right now, it looks as though ponytails are not a part of it, and perhaps that can only be a good thing.

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