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The Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson was one of the most epic music artists of all time. He also is so famous that a Michael Jackson costume is a great choice for your next Halloween or 80s themed party that you can’t go wrong picking. So if you ever thought about putting together a great 80s Michael Jackson costume you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Michael Jackson was a great source of inspiration to many, and he also had some iconic looks that make him a perfect choice to emulate. It doesn’t matter whether you need to dress up for Halloween or another kind of costume party, you can be guaranteed that a well-done Michael Jackson costume will earn you a place in the spotlight!

However, how can you make this happen? What do you need for a great Michael Jackson costume? Well, keep reading to find out!

Michael Jackson Costume

When it comes to putting together a great Michael Jackson costume, the look we chose is the one that is the most recognized, and you’ll no doubt remember as well!

It is the preferred choice of Michael Jackson impersonators everywhere, and it is also pretty easy to put together which is always a plus when putting together any costume.

The costume we will be outlining in this article is his iconic black and white ensemble he typically wore while performing his smash hit “Billie Jean”. Here’s a video of the costume in action for some inspiration:

Hopefully you’re now inspired, so here is our blueprint for what you’ll need to get this great Michael Jackson costume:

1. Black Sequin Jacket And Slacks

Probably the most iconic look that people remember from Michael Jackson was his black sequined jacket and slacks that he would perform his smash hit Billie Jean in. Wear these along with a white V-neck undershirt and you’ve already got 70% of your Michael Jackson costume!

Most people usually have a pair of black slacks in their wardrobe, but if you don’t have a black sequined jacket, they have them on Amazon you can grab to complete your outfit.

2. Rhinestone Glove

The King of Pop was known for performing in white gloves, particularly a single white glove covered in rhinestones. It was one of his signature fashions, and no Michael Jackson costume would be complete without it!

Again most people probably don’t have rhinestone gloves lying around their house, and you can grab them on Amazon for about $10. Of course when you purchase these they come in pairs, but don’t forget the King of Pop only used one when performing!

3. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is also a definite requirement for the ultimate Michael Jackson costume. It doesn’t really matter which kind of sunglasses you wear, as long as you remember that Michael either opted for dark, black glasses to add a mysterious vibe, or one with mirrored lenses in the later years of his career.

Though he didn’t wear them while performing, if you’re at a Halloween party or other costume event, they are a nice addition to have for your outfit when mingling with others.

If you truly want to embody Michael Jackson’s spirit, we suggest choosing Ray-Ban sunglasses like their classic “Aviator” style ones since Michael used to wear these on a regular basis in the 1980s. However if you don’t have a pair of these lying around the house, any cheap costume sunglasses in that style will do.

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4. Jheri Curl Hairstyle

When it came to Michael Jackson’s hairstyle, he most notably wore an oiled up Jheri Curl Hairstyle that was popular in the 1980s. This oily and curly hairstyle was popular at the start of his career, and it is the hairstyle he is most known for.

Now if you don’t have the luscious locks to pull off the hairstyle, you may want to consider getting a wig online in that style for your costume.

5. Fedora Hat

Of course you’re going to need the signature black fedora hat as an essential accessory to your Michael Jackson costume. You’re going to need something to grab on to when you’re bustin’ out your moves, and no King of Pop costume would be complete without it!

6. Penny Loafers

Every Michael Jackson costume needs a great pair of shoes to moonwalk in, and for that we recommend a pair of black penny loafers. Michael Jackson wore these shoes for their slick bottoms that made them perfect to glide across the stage in!

The original shoes he first moonwalked in (pictured above) sold for over $50k in 2018, but for the purposes of your costume, any pair of black leather shoes that look similar will be fine.

7. Sequin Ankle Socks

Finally for those of you who really want to go all out, we definitely will give you extra credit points if you wear a pair of shimmering sequin ankle socks like Michael Jackson did. Though most probably won’t notice if you just went with a pair of white socks, if you want the most authentic outfit you can try to find a pair of these to put the finishing touches on your outfit!

Final Thoughts

It should be mentioned that while the above-mentioned items are our recommendations if you want to create the perfect Michael Jackson costume, there are some optional choices as well to keep in mind.

For example, if you wanted to go with the light jacket and slacks combo with a white fedora from his “Smooth Criminal” music video, that is also a popular choice.

Another popular look is Michael Jackson’s red leather outfit from the popular “Thriller” music video.

However the classic black and white outfit we outlined in the article is just the most iconic look that we feel will be the most easily recognized, but again feel free to mix and match looks to create your own unique Michael Jackson costume.

All in all, these above-mentioned items are already a great place to start and will have you looking like Michael Jackson without a whole lot of fuss.

Now you just need to practice his iconic dance moves such as the moonwalk, the crotch grab, or the anti-gravity lean and you will, without a doubt, be the biggest success at your next costume party!

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