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Michelle Pfeiffer And Her Rise To Stardom In The 1980s

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Michelle Pfeiffer is a popular American actress who has starred in films from a variety of different genres. From charming romance to suspenseful thriller, she has shown her acting range throughout the years. Pfeiffer was born in 1958 is Santa Ana, California. She attended college in California, studying to be a court reporter, before finding her true calling in the entertainment world. Her acting career began with television productions, but she later transitioned into film in the early 1980’s. Michelle Pfeiffer has had impressive career. Let’s take a look at some of her most popular movies from the 80’s.

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In 1980, Michelle starred opposite Tony Danza in The Hollywood Knights, a teen comedy about the members of a 50’s era car club in Beverly Hills. Pfeiffer played the character Susie Q, who works as a car hop at a drive-in restaurant. The movie follows the members of the car club on Halloween night as they raise hell throughout Beverly Hills, playing pranks and drag racing through town. Although this movie did not receive outstanding audience feedback, it was Pfeiffer’s debut film role, and it gave her the exposure she needed to move upward in her acting career.

michelle pfeiffer hollywood knights

Her first major leading role was in the 1982 musical Grease 2. She starred as Stephanie Zinone, the leader of the Pink Ladies. The film is set in 1961, two years after the original Grease. The plot follows the new high school students and the new members of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. At only 23 years old, Michelle Pfeiffer was a fresh and relatively unknown face for the role. Although it’s hard to compete with the original, Grease 2 held its own and was popular with audiences.

michelle pfeiffer grease 2

In 1987, Michelle Pfeiffer appeared in the film The Witches of Eastwick. The film is about three single women, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, and Susan Sarandon. Jack Nicholson plays a mysterious man named Daryl. The three women are unaware that they have magical powers at first, but soon figure it out as strange events keep happening. Daryl turns out to also have powers, but he uses them in evil ways. The three witches band together to take Daryl down, using a voodoo doll in his image. The film is an over the top, eccentric type of comedy. It was well received by audiences, and Pfeiffer was charming as always.

michelle pfeiffer the witches of eastwick

Lastly, we cannot forget to include Scarface in this list. In this 1983 film, Pfeiffer plays Elvira, the lover of gangster Tony Montana. This was a dark and intense movie, and a serious role for Pfeiffer. She and Al Pacino had great on screen chemistry. Pfeiffer delivered an intense and believable performance. Scarface is a gangster movie, full of addiction, greed, and violence. It is definitely considered one of the best movies of its genre to this day.

michelle pfeiffer scarface 2

Michelle Pfeiffer has had many memorable roles in her acting career. From lighthearted romance and comedy to intense and violent thrillers, she has one it all. Her professional acting skills shine through all of her roles, and these films from the 80’s are just naming a few!

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