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Parachute Pants – MC Hammer Pants

parachute pants

Parachute pants somehow became one of the most fashionable items to wear during the 1980’s. This item of clothing was also known as “MC Hammer pants” and were associated with and predominantly made popular thanks to MC Hammer, a successful 80’s rapper.
These pants were very different to anything else on the market at the time, and that could be one of the reasons why their popularity grew, but it was more than likely due to the fact that MC Hammer wore a pair of these pants in one of his music videos.

80s Parachute Pants – MC Hammer Pants

Parachute pants were one of the iconic 80s fashion trends that we could never forget. So how did parachute pants/Hammer pants differ from anything else out there?

They were huge, they had a lot of room in them and there was a very large amount of room in the crotch area that was made with a huge amount of fabric.

Sometimes referred to as MC Hammer Pants, these iconic bottoms were one of the most memorable fashion trends of the 1980s. Of course people remember MC Hammer wearing them (thus the name), however MC Hammer Pants weren’t just worn by the famous rapper, it was a popular garment for anyone in that hip hop or breakdancing lifestyle.

MC Hammer Made “Parachute Pants” Popular In The 80s

The fabric used to make the pants was very light and loose, which meant hip-hop performers who frequently wore them, were able to move around a lot more than they would in other pants. MC Hammer pants allowed you stay cool and fashionable at the same time.

Parachute Pants Weren’t Just Big

Parachute pants weren’t just big, they were also pretty stylish in the 1980’s too. You could often see a performer wearing pants that came in many different patterns and designs.

Some pants were made to resemble those which are commonly worn in India, and were made up of Middle Eastern patterns and embroidery. This gave performers a unique look that was quite different from other fashionable clothes that were worn in the 1980’s.

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Stylish And Functional

Parachute pants were very big so the hip-hope dancers and performers had more room to move, and they weren’t restricted by tight fabrics, therefore making them a lot more comfortable. The shape of the pants also helped to enhance the look of the dance moves, and gave off a great effect.

Parachute pants weren’t only made to make dancers and performers feel more comfortable, they were also made to look good too. Many parachute/hammer pants came with a lot of zippers and pockets and other fasteners to make them stand out. Many of the pockets were just too small to be used, but they added a good touch to the outfit, as did the zippers, which weren’t always fully functional either.

Parachute Pants And Breakdancing

As breakdancing became more and more popular, so did clothes that were tough and easy to move around in. For this reason, parachute pants weren’t strictly limited to hip-hop performers anymore, they were also worn by those who could bust some mean moves on the street.

Parachute Pants Were Also Popular For Break Dancers

Men predominantly wore parachute pants as there were more males on the hip-hop and breakdancing scene during the 1980’s, but that didn’t stop some women putting on a pair and busting some moves.

Are Parachute Pants Still Popular?

While some fashions come and go, parachute/hammer pants may for now be predominantly stuck in the 1980’s, save for those few who still love these very versatile and good looking pants. Because more and more of us love that retro look, it may well mean we could see someone wearing a pair of these huge pants very soon.

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