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Pegged Jeans

One of the more unique fads of the 1980s was pegged jeans (or cuffed jeans). It was so popular, that most teens could not leave their homes until their jeans were properly pegged. It was an art form to properly fold and roll the jeans, that many could not master.

80s Fashion Trend: Pegged Jeans

Pegged jeans could be done with any sort of jeans you had in your closet. Whether it be high waisted jeans or acid wash jeans, to ripped jeans or even overalls, proper “pegging” of your jeans was a must in the 1980s.

Pegged Jeans In The 80s

Pegging your jeans in the 80s was a must if you wanted to be fashionable. There were so many popular shoe styles to choose from, and to properly show them off, you needed to make sure your jeans didn’t flop over them.

So why were pegged jeans so popular in the 1980s?

To better understand the fashion, we need to go back to its origins as well as the various fashion uses for pegged jeans that made such a style an essential one.

The Days Of The Zoot Suit

The idea of pegged jeans goes back to the 1940s when zoot suits were all the rage. It was common for workers to cuff the leg of their jeans to prevent them from getting dirty while working.

Zoot Suits From The 1940s Also Had Cuffed Legs Like The Pegged Jeans Fashion Of The 80s
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It was a time when fabric was expensive, and zoot suits were a form of protest against the rationing of fabric. But whether you were working on a job, or hanging out in the club, it was important to properly fold and roll the cuff at the ankle in order to prevent the fabric from dragging on the ground.

Neon Laced Sneakers

By the 1980s, zoot suits were a thing of the past. Since jeans could be readily purchased in just the right length for the wearer, there was no need for workers to cuff them. But that did not stop the youth from pegging their genes in order to show off their sneakers. The wealthier kids could afford the latest Adidas or Nike shoes, and they wanted to show them off to everyone. Even those who wore British Knights or LA gear pegged their jeans in order to show off their artistic lacing.

Neon Laces Were Very Popular In The 80s

It was commonplace for most kids to change the laces in their shoes immediately after they were purchased. In fact, kids would beg their parents for several sets of neon-colored laces to go with their shoes. There were countless ways that you could lace up a set of sneakers with the right set of shoelaces. Lacing up with two different colored neon laces was all the rage.

Perfecting Your Pegged Jeans

But pegging jeans was no easy task. The better you were at folding and cuffing your jeans, the more respect you got. Boys and girls could spend 15 to 20 minutes every morning preparing the cuffs of their jeans. And, if you made a mistake you would have to unoll it and start over from the beginning. Here’s a video on how to perfectly cuff your jeans for that pegged look that was so fashionable in the 80s!

A properly pegged pair of jeans started with a fold that tightened the cuff around the ankle. This fold could then be rolled over once to lock it in place, and then rolled over a second time to ensure that it would not slip out during the day. Depending on how long the pant legs were, you could potentially do a third roll without exposing too much of your ankles. When done, both legs should be the same exact height above the ankles and the rolls should be equal widths.

Pre-Pegged Jeans

To make life easier, girls could purchase pre-pegged jeans. These jeans were specifically designed to be folded over. While some of them featured snaps or buttons to help with the process of folding, virtually all pre-pegged jeans featured a different fabric on the inside of the cuff that would be exposed once it was rolled up.

Are Pegged Jeans Still Popular?

Pegged jeans are still popular today, and you can see them everywhere you go. However they may not be as ubiquitous as they were in the 80s, but the trend is still around today because of its practicality.

Just like in the 80s, people don’t want their jeans dragging around on a dirty floor, so what better way to avoid this then by pegging your jeans? Such utility is why the trend still remains, and will likely not go away any time soon.

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