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Rollerblades: Revolutionizing Skating In The 1980s

The 1980s was a decade that brought us some of the best things in life, including Ghostbusters, Furbies, and, of course, inline skates. There is no denying it; the 80s were truly the golden age of rollerblading. Today, it is not uncommon to hear people giving reasons why they should try rollerblades; but in the 80s, things were different.

Before the 1980s, inline skates weren’t really mainstream. In fact most people roller skated whether it be at roller rinks or on the sidewalks of their neighborhoods, and inline skating didn’t really hit mainstream audiences until the Rollerblade company (Rollerblade Inc) came to be in 1982, and really not until a few years after that.

Rollerblading In The 80s

The ’80s was when everything seemed possible, and trends would come and go throughout the entire decade, including inline skates. Rollerblading became popular in the 80s for several reasons, and here are some of them:

1. It Was A Great Way To Enjoy The Outdoors

The 1970s was a decade when people became more interested in nature, with most opting to go out on camping trips than stay at home watching TV. People started realizing that there was so much they could do outside, which inspired inventors to start coming up with different sporting equipment for outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, and inline skates. Skating on inline skates allowed you to enjoy nature and stay fit simultaneously.

2. Rollerblades Saved Lots Of Money On Public Transportation

In the 1980s, public transportation was not as widespread and affordable as it is today, with most people owning cars. However, gasoline prices were very high during the early ’80s reaching their peak in 1981, which prompted many to search for cheaper ways of getting around without using their vehicle.

Inline skates became a popular choice, with most people using them to visit friends, go on dates and even commute to work every day! People would often save on public transportation fares by walking or skating from one place to another instead of taking a bus or taxi.

3. Inline Skating Was A Better Alternative To Other Sports

Before rollerblades became popular, if you wanted to exercise or go out for a jog, the only thing you could find on the market was track shoes. Track shoes were great for outdoor jogging, but they weren’t comfortable to wear while walking around town or even indoors.

During this time, there wasn’t an alternative sport that allowed people to enjoy working out without worrying about grass stains on their clothes. Rollerblades provided people with a good way of staying fit without worrying about getting dirty or having their clothes torn up because inline skates are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

4. Inline Skating Helped Develop New Friendships

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Back in the 80s, we didn’t have online dating sites to find a date or connect with new friends. Instead, we found each other in public places like roller rinks and malls. Inline skating was a popular choice during this time because most people already had skates, and there were plenty of safe and affordable locations where you could go without having to worry about bumping into someone you know. As we all know today, meeting new people is one of the best ways to advance in life, so it’s no wonder why so many people used inline skating as a social tool.

5. Rollerblades Provided Hours Of Entertainment And Exercise

During the 1980s, not everyone had access to video games at home due to their high cost. Most people during this time played outside with their friends, and rollerblades were a great alternative to traditional sports such as baseball, football, and fishing.

Inline skates allowed kids to play games that they couldn’t play on foot, which inspired them to stay active outside rather than stay inside playing video games all day long.

6. Rollerblades Were Perfect For Traveling To Different Places

During the 1980s, people had more time on their hands and were ready for new adventures, so it’s no wonder why almost everyone opted for rollerblades over other means of transport such as bikes or even cars!

Skating on inline skates was one of the best ways to get around town and discover new things while also getting a great workout at the same time. Most people would use their rollerblades to travel between places within town or even to commute to work every day as well.

Final Thoughts On Rollerblading

As you can see, there were several reasons why rollerblades achieved such popularity during the 1980s. From providing a convenient and affordable alternative to other forms of transport to helping people make new friends and even get in shape, it’s no wonder why these skates became such an essential tool for most people back then.

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