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Silk shirts today are still all over the place, and if you go online there are thousands upon thousands of websites trying to get your attention so that you’d take a look at their silk shirt offerings.

Most of the time, they’re quite discreet and elegant, but every now and then you’d stumble upon a silk shirt with crazy prints all over.

80s Silk Shirts

Back in in the 1980s, silk shirts with prints all over were one of the biggest trends of the decade. Fashion trendsetters were unanimous in their approval of it, after style icons such as Gianni Versace made their own versions for the fashionable elite.

Vintage 80s Versace Silk Shirt
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But they weren’t just for the celebrity aristocracy. The appeal of silk is obvious, and even the masses appreciated them. The fabric is quite breathable, so they are perfect for summer wear. In fact, even now you’ll probably find quite a few silk shirts in places like Miami. The silk is also very luxurious. They feel great on your skin, and they look very expensive.

But it was the crazy prints that made the silk shirts of the 1980s so popular. It was an age when people were trying to go for an individual look, while at the same time fit in with the cool people.

These silk shirts with the crazy prints fit the definition of cool; they were psychedelic, and the prints all looked unique even if they were actually mass-produced.

Silk Shirts Were Popular In The 80s Through The Mid 90s

Silk Shirt Maintenance

Silk shirts today are expensive, and any impulse buying can easily result in major regrets later on. But there’s an easy way to find out if you really want a particular silk shirt. Just keep your hands off them and leave the shop. But if you are still thinking about that silk shirt a week later, then it’s really time to buy them!
Of course, once you own a silk shirt you need to know how to take care of them. The best way to clean them is to have them dry cleaned. It’s also possible to wash them by hand, but you have to be very careful.
You can fill up your bath tub with warm water and a gentle and neutral soap, and then soak the silk shirt for about 20 minutes. If it’s stained, then a longer soaking time may be necessary.

Rinse the silk shirt with the warm water. Never ever wring it out. Instead, you can get rid of the excess water by rolling the shirt between a couple of towels. Never use your dryer for your silk shirts either. That will just ruin the cloth. Just let it lie flat to dry.
Once it’s dry, fold it in your cabinet or drawer instead of using a hanger. If all your silk shirts are in a single drawer, make sure you place lots of tissue paper all around to prevent the cloth from snagging on wood splinters.

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