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Slouchy Socks

An 80s fashion trend that people often forget were “Slouchy Socks”. If you’ve seen any aerobics picture from the 80s, you’ve probably seen a slouchy sock. But the trend wasn’t just popular in the fitness community.

Just about any cool young person had a collection of socks that they layered on top of layers.

80s Fashion Trend: Slouchy Socks

So what were slouchy socks and why were they a popular 1980s fashion trend?

What Were Slouchy Socks?

Essentially “Slouchy Socks” were when you would wear multiple pairs of super stretchy socks over each other in a layered fashion. In the 80s you could wear as many as 3 pairs of socks at a time! (yes, even in the summer.)

Basically to create the slouchy sock look you would take 3 pairs of socks (or more if you were ambitious) and layer them as below:

Slouchy Socks Tutorial via WikiHow

Slouchy socks was an accessory to 80s fashion trends as you typically coordinated them with your outfit. If you wore a teal and white outfit, your slouchy socks were teal and white too.

If you were feeling real fancy, you could mix it up a bit and layer different patterns into your socks. One foot could be teal and white, while the other white and teal. Perfectly matching socks is so boring.

This heavy coordination was more common to see with younger women and girls than with boys and men (although they still partook in the trend, just one pair at a time).

You could style these socks with all manner of bottoms including miniskirts, baby doll dresses, jeans, and leggings. Throw on your favorite pair of high tops and you’d have a certified iconic outfit on your hands!

TLC Rocking 80s Fashion Trend “Slouchy Socks”

The way you styled your slouchy socks also determined your interests, at least partly. Sporty people would wear their socks with a hoodie. As previously mentioned, people into aerobics would wear them to their workouts. The slouchy socks trend was everywhere during the 1980s.

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Why Were Slouchy Socks Popular?

As you know 80s fashion was all about self expression, and slouchy socks provided the wearer a chance to express themselves in yet another way. Layers were beginning to pick up popularity, so you might as well layer your socks along with your outfit if you wanted to reach maximum coolness.

As slouchy socks became more popular, manufacturers began making them with a thinner material so you could layer even more on at one time. The ultimate goal was to fit as many pairs on your feet while still being able to stuff them into your shoes. It was a tough tightrope to balance for sure.

But not only was the trend popular with teens, even celebrities were wearing pairs of slouchy socks. You’d often see VJs on MTV sporting some flavor of slouchy sock, sometimes layered, sometimes not. It truly was a widespread fashion trend. You just couldn’t get away from it.

Are Slouchy Socks Still Popular?

With the rise in 80s nostalgia, slouchy socks have been in for a while. Perhaps not to the same extent as their height in the 80s, but you can still find people with a pair of slouchy socks slouched over their boots in the winter. It’s such a cozy look that it fits in well with the comfort clothes trend currently popular now.

The slouchy sock itself is absolutely timeless. While it may not be worn with the original 80s intent, you can still find manufacturers making them to this day.

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