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The 5 Most Fashionable 80s TV Shows

We all know that the 80s were known for its outstanding fashion, and needless to say this bled over into television as well. But with so many shows to choose from, which were the ones that were arguably “the most fashionable”?

With the exemplary revolutionary blend of its funky and glamorous appeals, the 80s was considered a memorably wonderful decade, and their TV shows reflected this as well.

Fashionable 80s TV Shows

So which TV shows had the best 80s fashion in our opinion?

While there are many that we could choose from, here are the ones that we think were exemplary when it came to memorable 80s fashion:

1. The Golden Girls

When it comes to great 80s fashion The Golden Girls is definitely a show that is often overlooked. The show has been the voice that women, no matter which age range have the right to dress up and express their style and fashion perspectives. The show exuded 80’s fashion with Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose always appearing presentable, elegant, and confident despite being older than your typical female TV sitcom stars.

You will see in this show that when it came to fashion their choices were fierce, daring, and bold, showing more legs, cleavage, and curves. The modern silhouettes, edgy cuts, and 80s classic jumpsuits of these senior citizen leading ladies gave a youthful vibe that inspired not only audiences of their age but also those who are at coming of age towards their golden years.

2. Dynasty

Of course we had to include Dynasty on our list of most fashionable 80s tv shows. If you are looking for a show that would inspire you to dress to kill, many of the classic luxurious high fashion trends of the 80s were undoubtedly influenced by Dynasty’s costume concepts. Glam and glitz have always been a part of every scene in Dynasty, and you couldn’t help but notice the amazing fashion when watching the show.

From shoulder pads and puffed sleeve dresses, to sequined outfits and ruffled shirts, these 80s fashion classics were front and center in Dynasty. The dresses with plunging necklines and satiny-metallic physique, and basic yet exquisite attitudes gave them their appeal and distinctive personalities.

For men, the ultimate classic gentlemen’s aura that’s normalizing wearing the American suit with high fashion necktie designs and stylish undergarment layering made all the difference. The men’s hair in the TV series was defined by the sleek-back styling creating a lavishly tempting look.

3. Dukes of Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard fashion setting is characterized by Retro Distressed street-style of the 80s decade. The daily 80s casual and smart fashion sense of the 80s was very identifiable in this TV show. Together with the street-style fashion trend is a disco-ready concept featuring neon silk pajamas, kimono pants, and jackets; pastel-colored frock dresses, and glitzy sequined tops and stylish blazers. Not to mention the cut-out skimpy jean shorts that made the character of Daisy Duke sizzle.

This TV show’s engaging and laid-back humorous getup trends have established appreciation for being sexy beyond the rugged appeals, especially in men’s bell-bottom pants and semi-fitting polo and cardigans highlighting one of their most masculine assets – the chest and butt.

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4. Miami Vice

Ever wonder what were the most fashionable TV shows of the 1980s that changed what we thought of as cool? Well then look no further then Miami Vice for your 80s fashion needs! Who could forget Don Johnson rocking his Miami Vice Suit as he took on the bad guys of South Beach?

The blissful soft and cozy appeals of waist-fitted loose pants without belts, plain v-neck and round neck t-shirts with oversized blazers, sock-less hip-style loafers, and untamed hair have surprisingly worked as a trendsetter for men’s fashion.

The Miami Vice dress code has its unique dreamy charm that draws ladies’ attraction towards men who appear laid-back but highly sophisticated. The show was able to broadcast a widespread influence of Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubb’s cool and sexy image with an effortless aura that was adopted by many men of that generation. Another rugged level outfit but with a sense of gentle and visible aesthetic is what the Miami Vice dress code brings as its influence.

5. The Cosby Show

Despite the main stars troubles in recent times, we have to highlight the fashion that this show brought during the 80s. As sitcom it was one of the most popular TV shows during the 1980s, and The Cosby Show has also left its mark on the fashion scene.

Denise Huxtable’s fashion sense is considered by many one of the highlights of the whole 8os fashion scene. The dynamic approach of mixing and matching animal prints with bold primary-colored outfits, and the blending of formal and street-style outfits has also worked with Denise Huxtable’s costume design conceptualization.

The show’s fashion styles are completely perfect matches of opposites. Large baggy mono-colored jackets paired with flashy-printed tight bottoms, and colorful pieces mixed with neutrals and whites, the style was well-appreciated and has grown more extravagant and flamboyant for the masses.

So those are our picks for the TV shows from the 1980s that had the best fashion. Did your favorite make the list?

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