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The 6 Best 80s Christopher Lloyd Movies

The 1980s was a good decade for Christopher Lloyd. He started his career with small roles but quickly realized that the science-fiction genre offered him a lot of opportunities. Lloyd starred in several prominent films, among them “Star Trek III” and of course the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

Even though he is best known for his role as “Doc Brown” in the “Back To The Future” trilogy, Christopher Lloyd was one of the most versatile and talented actors in Hollywood during the 1980s.

The Best 80s Christopher Lloyd Movies

Regardless of where you’ve seen him, it’s evident that Christopher Lloyd is quite a talent, and remains so even till this day.

In addition to being an actor, Lloyd is also a successful writer, director, and voice actor. So what were the best Christopher Lloyd movies of the 1980s?

Here are our top picks for the best Christopher Lloyd movies from the 80s:

1. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)

In this installment of the popular sci-fi franchise, Captain Kirk and his crew travel to planet Genesis to retrieve Spock’s body and decide on a course of action after realizing that he has been reborn as a child.

While they don’t have much time before Starfleet finds out, they must find a way to save him from Klingon commander Kruge, which is played by Christopher Lloyd.

2. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

This cult classic tells the story of Buckaroo Banzai, an eccentric particle physicist, neurosurgeon, rock musician, and secret crime fighter. While Buckaroo might seem like an average guy by all accounts, he has a range of special skills that are put to the test when the nefarious John Whorfin strikes.

Lloyd plays “John Bigbooté” in this film, and this is just one of the many interesting characters that he has played through his long and illustrious career that fans will appreciate.

3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

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Robert Zemeckis directed this highly successful film which follows an alternate timeline where characters from various cartoons, such as Jessica Rabbit and Bugs Bunny, live alongside humans.

When the hapless private investigator Eddie Valiant takes on an odd job for Roger’s wife, he soon realizes that something much bigger is going on behind closed doors. The investigation leads him to a discovery about the murdered former partner of Marvin Acme.

Lloyd plays “Judge Doom” in this comedic classic, and it is a film that you will definitely want to see if you haven’t already.

4. Back to the Future (1985)

Of course we couldn’t mention a best 1980s Christopher Lloyd movies list without including this legendary franchise. In fact this movie often comes up when lists are compiled of greatest movies of all time.

Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly, sent back in time by mad scientist Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). McFly inadvertently creates many alternate timelines as he makes his way through history trying to save his own timeline.

5. Back to the Future: Part II (1989)

Obviously we had to also include the sequel to the original Back To The Future as again this was one of the most legendary franchises perhaps in all of cinema.

Again Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Dr. Emmett Brown, and the movie picks up where the last one ended. The cast returns to 1985, however it appears that things are not how they remember. They now realize they have to go back to 1955 to fix things, and again the adventure ensues.

6. The Dream Team (1989)

In the Dream Team, Lloyd stars as “Henry Sikorsky” along side Michael Keaton and Peter Boyle as mental patients on a field trip to New York.

They learn that their caretaker is in the hospital after having witnessed a murder, and they take it upon themselves to save him before the killers find him and finish him off. This movie is a great movie that really shows off Lloyd’s comedic chops, and one that you will find entertaining for a few laughs.

So there you have it our top picks for the best 1980s Christopher Lloyd movies. The legendary actor is no stranger to box office hits, and any of the movies we mentioned above will make a good watch if you haven’t seen them already.

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