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The Best AC/DC Songs Of The 1980s

Among the most iconic rock and roll bands with a ton of Billboard hits was of course AC/DC. Songs like “You shook me all night Long” and “Highway to Hell” were among their popular hits off their 1980s albums.

Their bone-crunching performances in the late 70s made them popular, and it cemented their success in the history of classic pop-rock music. Furthermore, their albums encompassed massive tunes, strutting, and surging riffs, and of course the smuttier double entendre.

The Best 80s AC/DC Songs

AC/DC released many popular hits, but Back in Black was their most popular album in the 80s, and it was full of great music, and later became their best-selling album of that era. Here are some of the best AC/DC songs from the 1980s.

1.  You Shook Me All Night Long

The lead of their first single from Back in Black in the 80s, “You shook me all night long,” is still played on radio stations today. With this erotic anthem`s hooks coupled with the music, the undeniably catchy song fuels the soul into something more exciting. This enchanting lyrical pop song stands up to the test of time.

Besides another usual riff by the Young brothers that fuels the song, Johnson’s lively performance and his vocals made this song one that we will soon not forget.

2.  Hells Bells

After the series of massive tolls, this kick-ass song gained entry with an iconic descending guitar touch. After the untimely death of Bon Scot, the iconic guitar touch by our favorite Angus Young, eventually strikes the elegiac music to the listener`s ears.

In the 1980s Hells Bells became an anthemic pop-rock song. While singing live onstage, Brian Johnson sometimes got excited, and he would often swing off a rope as a giant. This would cause the crowd to erupt in an immense energetic vibe, and they went wild for it every time. The thunder in the vocals of this song was just like the pouring rain.

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3.  Back in Black

This song is another hit performed by our all-time favorite Brian Johnson. It was recorded to pay tribute to their fallen star Bon Scott. It is one of their most memorable songs, and is indeed one of their best hits from the 80s.

When you hear Back in Black it will make you say “Man this song freakin rocks and I need to play it again!.”

4.  Shoot to Thrill

Shoot to Thrill is yet another song that amazes the fans with its badass music. It is enchanting and one of the classiest songs that most of you would have happily traded your favorites for. Moreover this song speaks to the heart with the hit-packed strength of yet another famous AC/DC classic.

This epic song happened to be one of their most revered tracks with an increased tempo to hype the audience with its release. Any list of AC/DC’s best songs of the 1980s would not be complete without this track.

Final Thoughts

AC/DC is a badass band whose legacy still lives on. Their popular hits are still played on the radio all the time, and their brilliant contribution to the history of rock and roll will forever live on.

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