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The Best Duran Duran Songs

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Duran Duran is one of the most iconic bands of all time.  Their songs are still played frequently today even many decades after they first hit their stride. If you grew up during the 1980s, chances are you rocked out to a few Duran Duran songs in your heyday.

We remember Duran Duran as a sound that dominated the airwaves during the 80s, and we still listen to many of their hits today. And it’s no coincidence they are one of the bands that we remember so fondly when we think of the best decade of music.

The Best 80s Duran Duran Songs

Duran Duran had a ton of great songs back in the day, but only a few stand out as the very best. Even though this is up for debate, here are a few of the generally accepted best songs of theirs:

1. Rio

One reason why Rio stands out is that it was one of the band’s first songs. They were still getting into their prime, so they had a lot to learn about themselves, their audience and their style.

But you know what? They weren’t worried about that stuff at the time. They just wanted to have fun putting this song and music video together. So they did.

You could really see if you ever went to one of their concerts. When they played Rio, you could tell they were enjoying themselves, showing who they really were and getting the crowd riled up.

Duran Duran Playing “Rio” Live in 1984

2. A View to Kill

Duran Duran’s first #1 song in America, it’s also been said to be the best James Bond movie song ever made. In fact, some people will say that this song is the only reason the movie wasn’t a complete waste!

The funny thing is that A View to Kill was a bit unique. It definitely plays like a movie song, not exactly one you’d hear on the radio most of the time. But the fact that it hit #1 in the U.S. just goes to show that conventional doesn’t always work. Instead, sometimes it takes trying something completely new and unique to succeed.

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3. Ordinary World

Even today, this song is very inspiring. In the 80s though, millions of people were encouraged by its lyrics and overall message. It’s one of the songs that helped gain Duran Duran its huge fan base, and encourage those that were already loyal.

Ordinary World is also a good example of what the world was like at the time. Students of today studying the 80s can look back at this song to get a feel for the culture at the time. There aren’t
many songs you can say that about.

4. Come Undone

Often rated as the very best song by Duran Duran, people of all ages tend to enjoy this one. It’s a bit dark, but also encourages you in a way. It can be relaxing, or you can use it to excite you.

It’s really unique in its ability to affect you in so many ways at once, which is why so many people love it to this day.

The interesting thing is that at the time, Come Undone didn’t do all that well in the charts. Similar to many other great artists, this work only seemed to be more appreciated after it had been around for some time.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of other great Duran Duran songs such as The Chauffer, Hungry Like the Wolf and The Reflex. With such a great band, it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight.

But which ones are your favorites? Are there any that truly stand out to you?

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