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The Best Rick Astley Songs of the 1980s

The ’80s was known as the decade of dance music and synthesizers. One cannot talk about the music in the 1980s without mentioning the British Pop singer-songwriter Rick Astley.

Known for his deep and rich voice accompanied by dance-pop tunes, Rick Astley made chart-topping songs in the 1980s that people still listen to and dance to today.

The Best 80s Rick Astley Songs

Only a few other pop artists are synonymous with the 1980s like Rick Astley is. The man was a music juggernaut, and he released a lot of good music during that time.

So what were Rick Astley’s greatest 80s songs? Here’s our top picks:

1. Never Gonna Give You Up (1987)

How could we not start any Rick Astley’s greatest hits list without “Never Gonna Give You Up” which earned a number 1 spot in 25 countries when it came out. It also gained 1 Billion views and counting on Youtube around the start of August 2021. And although many know and use this song as a meme (get Rick-Rolled, as they say), you have to admit, it’s a catchy song that you just can’t help but dance to.

Rick Astley was no one-hit-wonder kind of singer, not when he’s still putting out bops at the age of 50. And if you’ve heard “Never Gonna Give You Up,” then you’ve probably heard of “Together Forever.” Both of which are from his 1987 debut album, Whenever You Need Somebody.

However “Never Gonna Give You Up” is by far Rick Astley’s most memorable song, and it really is the one that made him a music legend.

2. Hold Me In Your Arms (1988)

Rick Astley wrote and sang this song, and it was first released as a single. The song made it to the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart, and in February of that same year it also earned the 7th spot in the Irish Singles Chart. It is the third single in the album of the same name. Astley re-recorded this in his 2019 album, Best of Me.

The song is about loving despite fears. It talks about how emotions could be difficult to handle sometimes but when handled together with your lover, it will make things better and you can make it through.

3. Take Me To Your Heart (1988)

Another dance-pop song, and his second single in the album Hold Me In Your Arms. It was written and produced by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman. This song sat at the 8th spot on the UK Singles Chart and stayed in the charts for eleven weeks. It was also in the top 10 in many other European countries, and peaked at number 2 in Greece and Spain.

Take Me To Your Heart talks about the uncertainty of whether the love he feels for someone is unrequited. It tells about having deep feelings for someone who has been regarded as a friend and hopes to have something more.

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4. She Wants To Dance With Me (1988)

Another from the Hold Me In Your Arms album, Astley’s lead single was also written by him and peaked at number 6 in the UK Singles Chart, and like “Take Me To Your Heart,” it was also in the charts for 11 weeks.

The song was also top 6 in the Billboard Top 100, and went number 1 in Canada and Ecuador. He performed this song at the 1989 Grammy Awards. Moreover, this song was re-recorded for the Best of Me album.

As the title suggests, it’s about a girl wanting to dance with him. It talks about wanting to dance, and true to itself, they dance.

5. It Would Take A Strong Strong Man (1987)

Interestingly enough, this single was intended for the American market and was not released in the UK. This proved to be successful as it hit number 1 in the Hot Adult Contemporary chart for one week. This was also number 1 in Canada and number 10 in the Billboard Top 100.

This song talks about being afraid of letting a significant other go, and how hard it is to do. Even when a significant other does not reciprocate the same amount of love they have, they still are having a hard time letting go as “It Would Take A Strong Strong Man” to do so.

6. Together Forever (1988)

Recognized as Rick Astley’s second most famous hit, “Together Forever” was another 80s banger that had everyone dancing. Its catchy tune and lyrics was Rick Astley’s second chart US topper reaching #1 in 1988, as well as #2 in the United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Rick Astley is no stranger to chart-toppers. The 1980s would simply not be complete with Astley’s certified dance-pop music. If you want to dance, what better way to do that than to listen to Rick Astley’s greatest hit in the 1980s. Truly, his songs will “Never Give You Up” so you’ll be “Together Forever.”

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