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The Best Sylvester Stallone Movies Of The 1980’s


He’s iconic. A Hollywood legend. Known for his mumbling annunciation, and his deep, almost primitive voice, Sylvester Stallone has a presence on screen that just simply cannot be replicated. Not known for his diversity in his acting style, Stallone has managed to keep the rough and tumble, macho, muscly bad ass role intact through his entire career.

The 1980’s put him on the map. From 1981 – 1989, he starred in twelve blockbuster movies. The man simply was on fire. This continued on to the next few decade, but the 80’s were his decade.

The first movie of the decade for Stallone was Nighthawks. It was followed by Escape to Victory just a few months later. Good way to start the year, but 1982 was the year for him.

Rocky III and First Blood in the same year. Both classics. First Blood is arguably one of the greatest action films of all time. The character John Rambo is unequivocally one of the greatest characters of action films, if not in any genre, of all time. The famous red headband has been worn as a trademark Halloween costume since the movie was released.

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1983 saw the release of the film Staying Alive. It was directed by Stallone as a sequel to Saturday Night Fever. ’84 was the release of Rhinestone. A musical comedy that co starred with the legendary Dolly Parton. The movie was a failure, but spawned 2 top 10 country hits for Dolly Parton.

1985 was another significant year for Stallone. Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV. Both just as good, if not better than their predeceasing movies. Who could forget the legendary Ivan Drago. Not only did Rocky beat Drago to avenge Apollo Creed, but he did it for America.

Cobra was next released in 1986. An excessively violent movie that is often forgotten by the actor himself. But how about 1987’s Over the Top. Stallone put his muscles to the test on this flick. He played. Lincoln Hawk, a long haul truck driver who becomes a champion arm wrestler. Quite an interesting concept.

While most sports movies tend to be focused on the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL, Stallone chose to play a sport that most people didn’t even know was a sport. Classic flick. 1988 had Rambo III graze across the silver screen. Fans could not get enough of John Rambo and his guerilla warfare approach as a main on his own against an outnumbering enemy.

To cap off the decade, Stallone once again starred in two movies in the same year. The first being Lock Up, a movie taking place behind bars and co starring heavy weights Donald Sutherland, Tom Sizemore, and John Amos. After that Tango & Cash decided to clean up the decade. The flick starred 80’s heavy Kurt Russell to put a stamp on the decade for Stallone.

After all being said and done, Stallone absolutely dominated the 80’s as an actor. The decade solidified him as a true Hollywood legend.

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