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United Colors Of Benetton

When it came to 80s fashion clothing, no one did it quite like United Colors Of Benetton. Breaking into the 1980s fashion scene, Benetton quickly grew in popularity as a result of its high waisted and brightly colored designs.

80s Fashion Trend: United Colors Of Benetton

Their brand was known for their worldly appeal, which really at the time was groundbreaking. Their willingness to embrace people from all different countries and cultures allowed United Colors Of Benetton to quickly become a global brand in the 1980s.

History Of United Colors Of Benetton

The company itself was founded back in 1965 by 4 siblings. Luciano, Carlo, Giuliana, and Gilberto Benetton in the beginning set out to create a global fashion brand. It was a family affair that was started from humble beginnings.

The Benetton Family Founded United Colors Of Benetton In 1965

Luciano was responsible for designing and making the sweaters by hand at home. Giuliana on the other hand, would take the clothing to the various stores located in the nearby town of Treviso, where they would be sold.

Eventually, both Gilberto and Carlo decided to join in, and the company opened its first factory. Through hard work, dedication, and an excellent marketing strategy, the company quickly expanded into other markets around the world.

United Colors of Benetton In The 80s

But for most, the name Benetton didn’t mean anything until the 1980s. It was back in 1980 that the company opened its first location in New York City. In fact, their first location was right on Madison Avenue. From its first store, the Italian company brought together the nation with its unique marketing techniques.

United Colors Of Benetton NYC Store (Now Closed)

While other companies treaded a very thin line when it came to racial discrimination as well as multiculturalism, Benetton dived right into the middle of the controversy in order to bring kids of all races together. Remember, this was the 1980s, and racial equality was not as evolved as it is today.

Benetton’s willingness to take a chance and create a “melting pot” advertising strategy was something that was revolutionary at the time. As result, United Colors of Benetton’s popularity took off like a rocket.

United Colors Of Benetton’s Cultural Diversity Made The Brand Popular

The company started advertising on the TV, as well as on billboards plastered all across the country. It was almost impossible to go anywhere in the United States without seeing some form of advertising for Benetton apparel.

And, when the company itself wasn’t doing the advertising, it was the celebrities who began sporting their apparel in the movies and on the television.

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The Fashionable Designs

Without a question, the Benetton clothing lines would not have been a success if it were not for the distinctly Italian designs. Not only were the designs fun to wear, but they had a certain flair to them that made anyone wearing them stand out in the crowd. It was a time when polyester and the need for bright colors was dominating the fashion industry.

United Colors Of Benetton’s Brand Matched The 80s Neon Fashion Trend

In the 1970s, many of the available designs were often composed of itchy materials and ugly colors. But the 1980s brought so much change to the fashion industry, that the demand for softer, more comfortable, and brightly colored apparel grew exponentially.

In no time at all, both the hippie culture as well as the hip-hop culture began flocking to the stores in order to pick up their popular lines. But, no one got more out of the United Colors of Benetton lines than the nation’s youth.

The Popularity Of The United Colors Of Benetton Brand

The company itself was built on a brand that featured 3 elements. The United Colors of Benetton was focused on comfort, family, and color.

The company made every single attempt to ensure that its product lines were as comfortable as possible. They wanted to make sure that each garment was pleasing to the fingertips.

Because they were a family-owned business, they were able to market themselves as a very caring as well as a lovable option in the quickly changing fashion industry. People would prefer to spend money with a family-owned business than to give it to just another soulless major corporation.

More importantly the 1980s was all about bright colors, and Benetton and other popular brands like ESPRIT understood this. By developing a brand that was truly in touch with the 1980s culture and fashion, the United Colors of Benetton became one of the most popular brands of the decade.

Bright Colors And Styles Made United Colors Of Benetton Successful In The 80s

Is United Colors Of Benetton Still Popular?

Though United Colors Of Benetton was a fashion juggernaut in the 1980s, these days the popularity of the brand has slowed. The brand was popular in the 1980s because of its bright and bold fashion, however these days the neon trend is no longer very popular.

Also, the multicultural aspect of the brand was unique in the 1980s, however these days it is something that every other major company does as well.

Despite the slow down in popularity of their clothing, we still look back on United Colors Of Benetton as a brand that was distinctly 80s. We will always remember their bright clothing, and their bold legacy of creating a world that was more inclusive.

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