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If you were alive in the 80s, then you know how popular windbreakers were. The 80s windbreaker is one of those iconic fashion trends from the 1980s that everyone still remembers today.

80s Fashion Trend: Windbreakers

You couldn’t turn around without seeing someone wearing one of these stylish jackets with a built-in hood, which made them perfect for casual wear. They came in bright neon colors which meshed perfectly with the bright colored fashion of the day seamlessly.

But why was it such a popular 80s fashion trend? Let’s explore why they were such a hit during the best decade ever!

The 80s Windbreaker

The 80s windbreaker was a symbol of 80s fashion, but its style also has its roots in 1980s events and ethos. The era was one of optimism, affluence, and glamour, as embodied by the movie star in the White House. And this optimistic frame of mind led to the bright fashion of the day, of which the 80s windbreaker was a staple in many a wardrobe during the time.

Neon Windbreakers Were A Family Affair In The 80s

80s fashion included a variety of oversized windbreakers in various colors and materials, and their many designs and affordability made them a very popular fashion. But why exactly was the 80s windbreaker such a popular fashion trend?

They Were Colorful

The 80s were a time when neon colors were popular and was present on everything from handbags to sunglasses. It was also a common feature of windbreakers, which were basically colorful nylon ski jackets that offered little protection from the elements.

This style was especially popular in the summer months when the temperatures were warm and the sun was shining. The bold colors of the 80s were a big hit with teenagers, and windbreaker manufacturers to advantage of this fact.

The 80s Windbreaker Appealed To Both Men And Women Of All Ages

Other 80s fashion trends included pastel and neon legwarmers, mini skirts, and animal prints. These all could be paired with an 80s windbreaker for a stylish and fun ensemble.

In fact women often wore animal print windbreakers with short 80s mini skirts, though they went with everything from high-waisted jeans to a good pair of 80s leggings.

Animal Print Windbreakers Were Also Popular During The 1980s

The 80s windbreaker was the perfect go-to 80s fashion for anyone that wanted to add some color without much work. No matter if you were going to the store or just out with friends, popping on a windbreaker was a simple way to stay warm and look great at the same time.

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Comfort And Style

In case you were still on the fence on why you should consider an 80s windbreaker, here are some extra reasons why:

Is The 80s Windbreaker Still Popular?

The 80s windbreaker is one of those fashions that aren’t as popular as they once were, but still very acceptable and fashionable to wear today. They are comfortable and functional, which are two trademarks of fashion trends that stand the test of time.

When you think about all this history behind what we now call an “80s windbreaker” (or simply “windbreaker”), it makes sense why this jacket had become so popular. More than just being trendy in its own right, there are countless reasons why someone might want one today: they’re comfortable; they keep you warm; they’re versatile; they fit pretty much any outfit etc… In short, if you feel like getting yourself one now then go ahead, we promise that you’ll look great in a new 80s windbreaker!

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