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Rah-Rah Skirts

One of the most unique fashion items of the 80s were Rah-Rah Skirts. Also known as “Ra-Ra” Skirts, they basically looked like a mini skirt with layers. Typically they had 3 layers, though often had as many as 6 to 8!

80s Fashion Trend: Rah-Rah Skirts

The 1980s were all about layered fashion. Fashion trends like slouchy socks and rah-rah skirts made layering your clothing a must for those who were looking to be in style. So why exactly were Rah-Rah skirts such a popular 80s fashion trend?

Rah-Rah Skirts In The 80s

To understand the popularity of rah-rah skirts, we have to look back at the rise of the mini skirt. Prior to the 1980s, mini skirts were seen as more of a sporting item than a fashion item as they were worn more often during sporting activities such as tennis and cheerleading, and sometimes by dancers as well. 

Mini skirts first earned their fame during the 1960s. The ostensible ‘Swinging Sixties’ turned out to be a period many were glorious to be a part of thanks to the astonishing music scene, but clothing as well made this period a memorable one. 

Mini Skirts First Really Burst On To The Scene In The 1960s

In the 1980s, mini skirts were viewed as the height of fashion, and they were embraced by women from all walks of life. In the 80s, fashion for women was becoming more provocative, especially after the “sexual revolution” of the 1970s. So it’s not surprising that mini skirts grew exponentially in popularity, along with rah-rah skirts which were just essentially a modern variation of the mini skirt.

Rah-Rah Skirts Were Essentially Layered Mini Skirts

It is thought that rah-rah skirts found their way onto the shelves of fashion stores first in the early 80s. These skirts were designed to resemble a mini skirt that just had a little bit more flair. The layered design had a unique look that resonated with women at the time, and before you noticed it America was “rah-rah crazy”.

Basically rah-rah skirts were a fun and cute way for women to mix up their wardrobe. Instead of your classic leather mini skirt, a layered rah-rah skirt could be worn as a casual 80s summer fashion that worked for just about any occasion.

Rah-Rah Skirts Were Versatile

The rah-rah skirt was a short and comfortable skirt worn by women n the 1980s. It was versatile and stylish at the same time, which made them a very popular 80s fashion item.

Also rah-rah skirts came in many different colors and styles during the 1980s. They sometimes were solid colors, while other times featured patterns like polka dots or stripes. They sometimes had pockets on the side seams and zippers on the back. They were often paired with boots, sneakers, or high heels for a fun and carefree look.

Rah-Rah Skirts Came In Many Different Styles Like This Polka Dot Version

Women could wear them with a great pair of sheer tights or even spandex leggings underneath. Or if you wanted a more athletic look, you could pair them with some knee high tube socks.

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They Were Trendy And Fun

Another reason why women liked wearing rah-rah skirts was that they were just plain trendy. In the 80s, many people wanted to look different than what everyone else was wearing. People would often try out new styles and trends just to stand out from the crowd. And women that wanted to stray a little bit from the traditional mini skirt found out that rah-rah skirts did that quite nicely.

Rah-Rah Skirts Came In Many Colors And Were Affordable As Well

Furthermore rah-rah skirts came in many different colors. If you wanted to match your outfit, you could just pick out the color that matched your shoes or shirt. Also rah-rah skirts weren’t expensive, and you could buy a pair at any department store typically for just $10-$20.

Are Rah-Rah Skirts Still Popular?

These days we don’t really see rah-rah skirts as we once did in the 1980s. Even though mini skirts are still popular today, the layered rah-rah skirt just isn’t a popular fashion any more. Apparently the layered look didn’t really stand the test of time, and this fun and flirty skirt appears to have been left in the dustbin of the 1980s.

However for those of us who were lucky enough to rock them in the best decade ever, rah-rah skirts will always hold a special place in our hearts. They were fun and quirky, while also being stylish and cute, something we believe the fashion world could use more of these days.

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