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80s Music & Fashion Icon Susanna Hoffs Is Back!

The 80's Blog Jun 21, 2023

When it comes to iconic 80s music stars Susanna Hoffs is one of the most memorable for sure. The founding member of the legendary 80s band “The Bangles” whose hits included unforgettable tunes like “Walk Like An Egyptian” and “Eternal Flame” is back, but this time as an author!

She recently debuted her foray into the world of writing with “This Bird Has Flown” which follows the life of a 20 something year old singer who was once famous for a one-hit wonder, but is now forced to play bachelor parties to get by. Here is Susanna in her own words regarding her latest book:

She has already done several interviews with various news publications and also has done a couple of mainstream tv interviews, and what anyone who grew up idolizing her in the 1980s will notice that she has aged gracefully and seems to be doing well.

After watching her discuss her book, it becomes apparent that Susanna Hoffs is so much more than the sultry lead singer from The Bangles that made her a household name. She has a gift for storytelling and comes across really passionate about her writing.

Besides writing, Susanna does continue to perform and also is quite active on social media. In fact her Instagram is quite a treat and a great follow for anyone who grew up listening to her music in the 1980s. As a fan of her music for years now, it is definitely great to see her doing well, and we wish her continued success in her new role as an author!

Check Out The Bird Has Flown By Susanna Hoffs Here
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