80’s Accessories

Bangle Bracelets

80's Accessories Jun 30, 2022

The 80s gave us quite a few memorable fashion trends, but none are more iconic than the bangle. Also known as “chunky bracelets,” these accessories can be spotted in nearly every vintage fashion catalogue, family photo, and even 80s reboots. So why were “bangle bracelets” such a popular 1980s fashion? Let’s explore the history and phenomenon behind this beloved pop…

Shutter Shades

80's Accessories Jun 21, 2022

One of the most iconic sunglasses of the 1980s were shutter shades. These uniquely designed sunglasses do not have tinted lenses, rather they feature a series of horizontal slats which limits the eye’s exposure to sunlight. Elton John and Macho Man Randy Savage were some of the most well-known celebrities to sport shutter shades in the 80s. Back then, if…

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