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80s Preppy Fashion

The 80's Blog Jun 20, 2022

In the 1980s, the term “Preppy Fashion” rose to a whole new level of popularity as it was used to describe the fashion movement of the upper-class academia of the prestigious Ivy League schools. To pull off that classic, refined, and relaxed scholarly aesthetic, we have gathered the most popular preppy fashion trends from the 1980s for you so that…

The Rad 80s Fashion Of Netflix’s Stranger Things

The 80's Blog May 30, 2022

On Friday, Netflix released the much anticipated Volume I of Stranger Things Season 4. If you’re not familiar with the series (do you live under a rock?) it follows a group of misfit teenagers as they battle to save the world from demons from a parallel dimension known as “The Upside Down”. The series takes place during the 1980s in…

Popular Teenager 80s Fashion

The 80's Blog May 25, 2022

When it came to the 1980s, teenagers were some of the most fashion conscious people around. 1980s teenager fashion was bold and unique, and it also mimicked the fashion of their adult counterparts. One of the most defining decades in the world of fashion was the 1980s. This era saw the emergence of some of the most prominent trends in…

Remembering 80s Rock Fashion

The 80's Blog May 19, 2022

When you think of 80s rock fashion you can’t help but smile thinking about all the great rock bands associated with it. The looks were bold, edgy, and sometimes outright over the top. But when you’re playing music that epic, you definitely need an outfit to match, and the rock stars of the 1980s didn’t disappoint. When it comes to…

Black 80s Fashion

The 80's Blog May 17, 2022

When it comes to Black 80s fashion, the styles of the decade amongst African American communities was just as vibrant as their Caucasian counterparts. Though it isn’t really referenced much when people talk about 80s fashion, one could argue that Black 80s fashion was even more creative and stylish, and we hope to highlight some of the more popular trends…

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Rules The 80s

The 80's Blog May 16, 2022

The Hungry Hungry Hippos game is one that you probably played at least a few times if you grew up in the 1980s. It was fun, challenging, and a popular game even amongst adults. Hungry Hungry Hippos is a tabletop game originally introduced by Milton Bradley in 1978, however it wasn’t until the 1980s when the game really took off…

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