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Do You Remember Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous?

80's Film And TV Aug 26, 2022

Depending on your generation, the term Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous has one of two meanings. Either you have the Good Charlotte song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, or you’ve just remembered a 1980s TV classic. For the purposes of this article, we are going to refer to the latter. If you grew up…

Remembering That 80s Show

80's Film And TV Aug 03, 2022

That 80s Show, which only aired for a single season in 2002, was intended to be an amusing sitcom that parodied the fads and pop culture of the 1980s. It starred young actors who were famous at the time like Glenn Howerton, Geoff Pierson, Brittany Daniel, Tinsley Grimes, Chyler Leigh, and Eddie Shin, but it was canceled after just one season…

Should You Watch Adam Eats The 80s?

80's Film And TV Aug 03, 2022

If you grew up in the 80s, then you probably have some pretty strong feelings about that decade. You may remember the fashion, music, food, and movies fondly. You might even still keep a cassette player around just to play your old mix tapes on it. As far as we’re concerned, those are good enough reasons (and maybe even more)…

The 10 Best 80s Movies On Netflix

80's Film And TV Jul 30, 2022

Netflix has a bazillion movies to choose from. Some are good, and some not so great. But do you know about the best 80s movies on Netflix? Probably not, so that’s why we’re here to help! Obviously being such a large streaming platform, chances are when you login to your account you’ll see very little, if any movies from the…

The 5 Best 1980s Game Show Hosts

80's Film And TV Apr 29, 2022

Game shows are a popular sub-genre of television. They are shows where a group of people compete for a prize (mostly cash prizes) while an audience watches live or at home. Throughout this sub-genre, there have been many different hosts throughout the years. However, some game show hosts stand out from the rest. While there are plenty of game show…

The Best Vampire Movies From The 80s

80's Film And TV Apr 28, 2022

There’s nothing like vampire movies from the 80s. The 80’s were more than just a time for campy horror. It also produced a generation of movies that explored and deconstructed various monster tropes like werewolves, aliens, and even more prominently, vampires. Whether it was Charley Brewster’s obsession with his vampire neighbor Jerry, or the kids battling it out with the…

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