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What Were the Cool Cars Of The 1980’s?

The 80's Blog Sep 26, 2014

Before we get to our list of cool 80s cars, let’s explain a very crucial point here. We’re not talking about the best cars of that era, and neither are we basing this list on the fastest, the safest, or the most practical cars during that time. We are talking about cool cars.

These cars are the ones that people look upon in admiration. These are the cars that make other people want to hang out with you, because to them, you’re a cool dude.

So let’s not talk about Volvos, okay? Some experts actually consider the Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon as one of the best cars of the 80s, and it sure was a very safe car to drive. But the fact that parents and grandparents considered it very sensible back then almost automatically made it uncool.

The Coolest 80s Cars

The 1980s was really the era people can point to when it comes to the rise in popularity in sports cars. The innovative designs and flashiness of some of these vehicles were right inline with the over the top 80s.

So what were the coolest cars of the 1980s?

Here’s our list of the coolest 80s cars:

1. Ferrari Testarossa

Don’t ask about its specs or performance. Just look at it. It really looks fast, doesn’t it? And what’s more, the Miami Vice guys drove it, and that added to the cool factor. While pastel suits and going around without socks are no longer the height of fashion (or of police undercover operations), a car like this today will still be an attention-grabber, just like in the 80s.

Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari Testarossa

2. Ferrari F40

Wait, another Ferrari? There’s no choice but to include it, because this car didn’t need a TV-show or movie tie-in to gain popularity with every testosterone-laden guy on the planet. It was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, and the guys at Ferrari poured their heart, mind and soul into it. Even non-drivers in their teens put posters of this car on their bedroom walls. But it was also a hell of a performer, as it was the first production car ever to break the 200 mph barrier. For car enthusiasts, this is the greatest Ferrari ever.

Ferrari F40
The Ferrari F40

3. Lamborghini Countach

This one was also a favorite feature on countless teenage walls, and that’s mainly because of its insane design. Even when it’s not moving, it looks like it’s flying in space at warp speed. In reality even if it was a beauty it was very impractical, hard to control, and not exactly reliable. But then again, that same description applies to supermodels in the 80s, and they got our attention too.

Lamborghini Countach
Lamborghini Countach

4. DeLorean DMC-12

Yes, this is admittedly one of the worst cars in the 80s, when it comes to just about everything. But then Marty McFly used it to go back to the past in Back to the Future, and that made the DeLorean DMC-12 iconic. Hey, if you’re in the movies, you have to be cool right? Even now, driving this junk in the streets is guaranteed to grab attention.

DeLorean DMC-12
DeLorean DMC-12

5. BMW M5

Now this is the cool car for the sensible adult. It looks mild-mannered, but under the hood is a monster of an engine. The M5 is sleek, sophisticated and definitely cool.


 So those are our top picks from the 1980s. What are your favorites?

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