What Do You Need To Throw A Great 80s Theme Party?

The 80's Blog Jun 26, 2014

So you’re determined to throw an Eighties-themed party? Great idea! But to pull it off, you’ll need all the items that can help the partygoers go back in time when the world seemed painted in bright neon colors.

80s Theme Party

When it comes to throwing a great 80s theme party there are some essentials that you need to make it pop off.

So lets get started!

80s Music

This is perhaps the most important feature of the party. It won’t be a party without music, and the 1980s had a lot of great music going for it. Make sure you have a DJ who knows how to mix the songs properly, and if there’s no DJ you can always find some free 80s mixes lasting for hours online. But you gotta have the music, because even with just music you can have the feel of the 80s right away.

80s bands
What’s an 80s party without great 80s music?

But what music should you choose? Since it’s a party, stick mostly to dance tunes. You can have a lot of Madonna and Michael Jackson, but you can get a lot more mileage out of the New Wave bands. There’s Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, the Cure, Tears for Fears, and REM. There are a lot more, although they are mostly one-hit wonders. But just make sure that the songs flow together continuously.

Near the end of the night, you can then have the ballads that defined the decade. Air Supply and Whitney Houston 80s hits ought to be there.

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80s Decorations

Have the walls covered with all the posters of stars during that period, and you may as well include posters of famous 80s movies too. And if you can, have a projector show a movie from that time. The best movies here include Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Gremlins, Footloose, and Return of the Jedi.

80s movies
80s Movies and Decorations are a must!

You can hang a lot of stuff from the ceiling as well. Get some old records from a thrift store and hang them. Then you can also hang geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and circles, and make sure that they’re in bright neon colors. Then of course, there are the obligatory strobe lights.

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80s Costumes

Make sure you require guests to be in their 80s getup. It has to be really bright neon or spandex, or it should be based on a famous celebrity, TV show, or movie during the 80s.

80s costumes
An 80s themed party needs 80s costumes!

Party Favors

You can give these away for guests who came in costume. These party favors include tiny Rubik’s Cubes, cheap wayfarers, jelly bracelets and rings.

Food And Accessories

Make sure that the plates and plastic cups are all in bright neon as well. And then get some food that best exemplifies the 80s, such as Jawbreakers, Pop Rocks and Hubba Bubba. You can include some dips too. Check out articles on 80s food items so that you have a large selection.

Final Thoughts On Your 80s Theme Party

Be sure to allow yourself at least 3-4 days to plan your 80s theme party. As with anything else, preparation will be the key to success.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to bring with you is a sense of fun. It’s the 1980s, and it was a time when people were more carefree. So leave all your worries at the door, and dance to the music!

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