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The 10 Best 80s Movies On Netflix

80's Film And TV Jul 30, 2022

Netflix has a bazillion movies to choose from. Some are good, and some not so great. But do you know about the best 80s movies on Netflix? Probably not, so that’s why we’re here to help!

Obviously being such a large streaming platform, chances are when you login to your account you’ll see very little, if any movies from the 80s. Most likely you’ll see a bunch of their original streaming content and more contemporary selections. However we promise you there are some great 80s movies on Netflix!

You may just have to manually search for them, but trust us, they are definitely worth the effort!

80s Movies On Netflix

The 80s were a truly magical time, and if you’re tired of hearing about 90s nostalgia and the 2000s nostalgia that’s taking over, it’s time to embrace our past. Netflix has some great movies from the 1980s, and we believe now is as good a time as any to watch them!

So what do we think are the best 80s movies on Netflix? Here are our picks:

1. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Netflix

The Breakfast Club is a classic, and amazingly it’s on Netflix. The film was released in 1985 and stars Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and Molly Ringwald as five teenagers who meet in detention at their high school.

The movie is about the kids’ experiences with social status, family problems, and other issues they face while growing up—and the movies’ themes are still relevant today (even if some of it may seem a little more relevant to teens than adults).

If you haven’t watched The Breakfast Club in a while (or if you’ve never seen it), this classic 80s movie is perfect for watching with your friends over brunch or after an evening out.

2. Flashdance

Flashdance Netflix

Flashdance is a movie about a welder named Alex (Jennifer Beals) who dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

The film was directed by Adrian Lyne and won three Academy Awards for Best Song (“Maniac”), Best Editing, and Best Supporting Actress (for Cynthia Rhodes). It was also nominated for Best Picture but lost to Annie Hall.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Netflix

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic film by director John Hughes. Released in 1986, it tells the story of a high school student who plays hooky and then fakes an illness to get out of school. What ensues is a hilarious day-long adventure full of pranks and adventures with his friends, ending with him getting back to his parents’ house just in time for them to go out for dinner.

The cast includes Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye, Mia Sara as Sloane Peterson, Jeffrey Jones as Principal Edward Rooney, Jennifer Grey as Jeanie (Ferris’s sister), and Charlie Sheen in an early role as Cameron’s friend Steve Brule.

4. Valley Girl

Valley Girl Movie Netflix

In Valley Girl, you’ll find the story of a girl from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley who falls in love with a punk rocker. In order to be together, she must win over her father and overcome some big obstacles. The movie stars Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman, and it was directed by Martha Coolidge. It was released in 1983—the same year as Fast Times at Ridgemont High—and music for the film was provided by Frank Zappa (who also played himself).

The movie grossed $3.5 million in its opening weekend, making it one of the most successful films of that summer (1983).

5, The Goonies

The Goonies Netflix

The Goonies is a 1985 adventure film directed by Richard Donner and written by Chris Columbus. The screenplay was inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic film, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). It follows a group of pre-teens who live in the “Goon Docks” neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon.

The story focuses on the adventures of a young boy named Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin) and his friends who discover an old Spanish map that leads them to the long-lost fortune of One-Eyed Willie (played by Corey Feldman), an infamous pirate from the 18th century.

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6. Back To The Future

Back To The Future Netflix

The Back to the Future trilogy is a classic, and one of the best 80s movies on Netflix. In fact, it’s probably in your top 10 favorite films of all time—and if you haven’t seen it yet (what’s taking so long?!?), you should really check it out!

It tells the story of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), who accidentally travels back from 1985 to 1955 in a DeLorean that was modified by mad scientist Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). He meets his parents as a teenager and tries to get his family together before he returns home and has changed his own future.

7. Risky Business

Risky Business Netflix

Risky Business is a 1983 film starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, and Joe Pantoliano. The movie was directed by Paul Brickman and written by both him and Tom Cruise.

The music was composed by Tangerine Dream who also worked on films like Blade Runner and The Neverending Story.

Other notable actors include Paul Gleason as Mr. Mulvahill, who comes to visit Joel after his parents leave for Paris for the weekend so he can get some sex education from him as well as John Tesh as Joel’s friend Miles, who has had enough of Joel’s partying ways until he realizes that he could benefit from them too.

8. Top Gun

Top Gun Netflix

Top Gun is an iconic movie that’s been referenced in pop culture countless times. The volleyball scene is one of the most memorable parts of this film, as well as its soundtrack; “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins has become synonymous with both Tom Cruise and Top Gun itself.

The volleyball scene is one of the best scenes in Top Gun because it shows the camaraderie between Maverick and Goose, which can also be seen in other scenes throughout the movie. However, there are many who would disagree with us on this point!

Some would say that the final dogfight sequence where Maverick finally overcomes his fear of death to shoot down another pilot was what made Top Gun great—and it did have quite a good buildup leading up to it—but we think we can all agree that nothing beats watching Kelly McGillis play volleyball while wearing a bikini top made out of air ducts!

9. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

ET Movie Netflix

If you’re a fan of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, then we’ve got good news for you: the 1982 film is available to stream on Netflix. And if you’re not a fan, it’s time to become one.

The movie follows Elliott (Henry Thomas), an 11-year-old boy who befriends an alien and helps him get home after he crashes lands on Earth. The two form an unlikely bond and embark on an adventure through the woods, eventually ending up at Elliott’s house where they meet his siblings Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton). But will Elliott be able to hide the alien long enough for him to find his way back home?

10. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Netflix

A Christmas Story is a Christmas movie. It’s also a comedy and a Christmas classic. In the film, Ralphie wants to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas but his parents say no because they think it would be too dangerous. Instead of getting the BB gun he wants, Ralphie gets a pair of underwear with his name on them.

A Christmas Story is generally considered one of the best 80s movies on Netflix right now because it has everything you want in an 80s movie: bad hair, bad fashion choices, and hilarious dialogue.

So Should You Watch 80s Movies On Netflix?

Absolutely! Netflix has a lot of great 80s movies, which can be a great alternative to their streaming content, or whatever other stuff appears on your screen when you login.

Also let’s face it, there’s also a lot of junk of Netflix. So if you’re still waiting for the next season of your favorite show, or not really sure what to watch next, consider streaming one of the 80s movies that we mentioned above!

There are plenty of great 80s movies on Netflix, and we promise you can’t go wrong with any of the ones on our aforementioned favorites list. If you love 80s movies as much as we do, check them out!

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