80’s Film And TV

Popular Cartoons Of The 1980’s

Tens of millions of kids in the 1980s grew up watching cartoons. And even though cartoons are very different (and probably better) now than they were 30 years ago, the popular cartoon shows of the 1980s were still fun to watch. Every Saturday morning millions of kids across America woke up to watch some of the most iconic cartoons ever…

What Were The Best TV Shows Of The 1980’s?

80's Film And TV Jun 26, 2014

It’s easy enough to figure out which of the TV shows in the 1980s were the most popular. You only needed to check the Nielsen ratings and you’ll get the answer. But determining the best TV shows in the 80s is much more difficult, and much more fun to talk about too! The Best 80s TV Shows There were so many…

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