Fanny Packs

80's Accessories Apr 16, 2014

The 1980s saw the appearance of quite a few strange things (especially for those who never lived through it) and the popularity of the fanny pack by the late eighties was short-lived. Fanny packs were simple zippered pouches wrapped around the waist like a belt. By 1988, they were everywhere, although not every manufacturer called it a fanny pack. But whatever name you called it, they were on the waists of teenagers and adults alike.

How It Became Popular
There are many possible reasons why the fanny pack became all the rage. Some say that its popularity was because inherently cool people such as bikers and soldiers used them a lot. Add the fact that it was functional and a new fad was born.
The Start of Its Downfall
So how come fanny packs went out of style? Well, that’s the nature of fashion—most things always go out of style. And teenagers don’t really like it all that much when adults started using them as well. That’s the problem when something is everywhere. People just begin to get tired of seeing them, and the trendsetters always liked to be different from the common people.


There’s also the undeniable fact that a fanny pack seriously ruins your silhouette. It looks like you’ve got some sort of tumor around your waist, and if it’s in front of your pants then it just looks rude. Some women really loathe the idea of fanny packs today and a lot of self-declared fashionistas detest the very idea of it.

So When Can You Use a Fanny Pack Today?

Fanny packs never really disappeared completely, and even today you may see people—even celebrities—wearing them. In fact, some fanny packs today are actually rather tasteful, but there are still some versions in neon if you really want to go back to the past.

  • If you are a cyclist, then it’s ok to wear them. Practicality and functionality always wins out when you’re on your bicycle, which is why people wear helmets and pads even though they may look a bit dorky. Besides, bikes are inherently cool anyway.

  • If you are a tourist, then you should consider them. Your hands are probably going to be busy either shopping or taking pictures, and a fanny pack keeps your stuff safe. As for your fashion creds, no one really knows you where you are in the place you’re visiting anyway, so who cares?

  • Actually, “who cares” is a really cool attitude to take. Who cares if other people don’t like it? This is actually one of those attitudes that show authentic coolness. If you find them useful, then in a way they can also be cool. If you simply like the idea of the 80s or have lived through it, then wearing fanny packs is one way to honor that wonderful decade. Either way, if you feel comfortable with a fanny pack then there’s no one to stop you from wearing one.