Four Finger Rings

There is nothing more intimidating than a person walking down the street with, what at first you think are brass knuckles. However, when you get closer you realize they are not brass knuckles, but four finger rings on the person wearing them. They are intimidating at first, but once you realize they are a fashion statement you realize how intriguing they can actually are.
The origin of four finger rings are quite simple, as hip hop culture grew so did the jewelry that came to define it. Massive four finger gold rings came to be a symbol of both status and style. They were something that showed how tough a person was, how much money they had, or who they wanted to emulate. Four finger rings have often been called gaudy, but they have come to be a popular trend that will not go away. Since their massive popularity soared in the 1980’s people have adapted the four finger ring style to make it their own. It is not simply a hip hop statement anymore with messages that are hardcore and sometimes very obscene, they can be classy, stylish, and give you a look that reveals your strength and confidence in yourself.

four finger rings

What was once something that could cost thousands of dollars because of the metal and stones can actually be something that is made or purchased quite easily without all the bling. There are few simple ideas that can go along with having the right four finger ring style. You must make sure that it matches your outfits of course. Without the four finger ring matching what you wear it does become gaudy. You must also remember to keep your particular style in mind. If bling is your thing, then go for it, but if you want a classy, yet tough look, find or make a style that fits that. Four finger rings can simply be the four finger ring itself, or have small stones, engravings, or messages on it that represent who you are as a person.

The four finger ring is immensely popular and there a large number of retailers that carry a wide range of styles for affordable to ridiculously priced rings. Of course, making the four finger rings yourself would be something you could be very proud of. You can buy templates for them and add what you want, or you can make them from scratch with a wide range of materials (not just metals). Many people have done based on their particular taste. Some people have made these rings from wood, recycled materials, crafting supplies, and more. You do not need another person’s approval for it to fit your style. The 1980’s were a time when the four finger rings were meant to be a statement of wealth, but class and toughness are what count now for most people.
Four finger rings have been popular since the inception of hip hop and have grown and diversified just as people and tastes have. You will find high class people, to hip hop fanatics, to people who simply want to have a tougher image wearing these.

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