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Should Star Wars Have Been Left In The 1980s?

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If you love the original Star Wars movies, there’s a good chance you were disappointed when Episodes I, II and III came out. And that’s reasonable, considering how different the new movies were compared to the old.

But should Star Wars have been left in the 1980s, basking in their glory and never touched again? Or is it a good thing that the first three episodes were finally put together into film?

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Both sides have good arguments to consider.

No- The New Episodes Shouldn’t Have Been Made

A lot of people-especially die-hard fans of the originals- say that the newer movies ruined the series. One reason for that is simply due to the advance in technology. They’ll say that the fact that the older movies achieved so much with more primitive technology is astounding. So even though the newer movies did some great things, it’s not as impressive due to the better technology available.

Another thing is the violence. Some argue that the violence in the newer movies is much worse than the old ones. They’ll refer to certain battle scenes normally, saying that the fighting and killing just wasn’t as kid-friendly as the originals.

And then there are characters like Jar Jar Binks. Thrown in as a comic relief, Jar Jar became the most hated character in Star Wars history very quickly. Luckily, he wasn’t given as much of a role in the second and third movies, but some people say that he ruined everything just for being in existence.

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Yes- Star Wars Should Definitely Have Been Brought Back

Many people will say that there’s no reason not to have added the first three episodes. For one thing, it makes the story much more complete. Who in the world starts reading a book halfway through? That doesn’t make sense. Even if you are given enough information to understand what’s going on, it always helps to have some background information.

Something else to think about is that new technology allows Lucas to have much more flexibility with the newer episodes. Whether it’s a huge battle, a romantic scene on a fiery planet or a beautiful view of an underwater city, today’s technology helps people feel like they’re actually inside the movie. And no matter how old you are or your stance on this issue, you have to admit that’s neat.

Finally, filming Episodes I, II and III allowed the audience to learn a lot more about some of the most legendary characters of the Star Wars universe. Boba Fett, Mace Windu and even Obi Wan are able to be seen for the epic characters that they really were. Plus the latest movie set to release at the end of the year looks pretty cool right?

What’s the Consensus?

Arguing Star Wars is similar to arguing religion or politics. No matter how good your argument is, you probably aren’t going to change the other person’s mind.

At the end of the day, we all may as well accept that the new Star Wars movies aren’t going anywhere. Especially since the next episode, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, is already in production and will be out in 2015.

Update 01/26/16

Ok saw the latest Star Wars and thought J.J. Abrams did a pretty good job. However there seems to be a lot of holes in the plot! Here are some outlined by the Huffington Post (Caution Spoiler Alerts!!!):

Did you notice any of them too?

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