The Best Sports Franchises of The 1980’s

We’ve all been there. Hanging with the guys, a couple beers in, and someone asks the question, “Best teams of each decade.” Always controversial. Everyone has their own opinion, and after a few drinks, a civil debate can turn heated very quickly. Some teams are almost universally mentioned, as if it’s taboo NOT to mention them. Other teams might get you a sideways look, and response with 10 reasons why you’re just absolutely out of your mind. Well to settle the debate, I’ve put together a list to end all discussions.

The Los Angeles Lakers & Boston Celtics

When it comes to basketball, I have to go with two franchises. The Lakers, and the Celtics. It’s just too hard to leave other one out. That’s like having a burger without fries. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the undisputed kings of the court. Throughout the decade, there was never an NBA Final’s that didn’t feature either team. Absolutely unheard of. These two teams shaped the NBA to what it is currently and set the tone for rival basketball legacies.

The New York Yankees & Los Angeles Dodgers

Baseball in the 80’s is a tough debate. There are numerous points to make. Let’s start with the stats. The Yankees won more games than any time in the 1980’s. They New. York Yankees of historically been a dominate franchise, and it was evident in the 1980’s, winning more games than any other team in the ten years. BUT and a big BUT, then only went to the World Series once, and left with zero rings. With that being said, only team to win more than one World Series in the 80’s was the Los Angeles Dodgers. They seemed to start and finish the ’80s with a bang, winning rings in 1981, and in 1988.

The Edmonton Oilers

Hockey seems to carry dynasties by the decade pretty regularly. The Edmonton Oilers won more Stanley Cups than any team in the 80’s. They took home the coveted trophy 4 times in the 80’s (including one in 1990). The Hockey Hall of Fame has even honored the 80’s Oilers with “dynasty” status, not a term that is thrown around loosely amongst the organization.

The San Francisco 49ers

Finally let’s go to the NFL. Probably the most debated sport in the history of drunken bar debates. The 80’s saw some of the most dominate teams of any decade. But one stands out in particular. The San Francisco 49’ers. Pre Tom Brady era, no quarterback had as many Super Bowl rings as Joe Montana. The tandem of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice just could not be stopped. They are without a doubt, the best Quarterback – Receiver duo in the history of the sport. The first team to win 15 regular season games, and the team that has the biggest margin of victory (45 points) in Super Bowl history. The defense was led by Ronnie Lott, arguably the best Safety in the history of the game.

With all being said and done, I am sure that someone will challenge me when it comes to this selection of teams. Argue on.

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