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80s Swatch Watches

80's Accessories May 25, 2022

Swatch watches (or ‘Swatches’) were a popular fashion accessory during the 1980s. Originally they were designed for outdoor enthusiasts, but 80s Swatch watches quickly became a cultural sensation during the era.

The watches quickly became a popular fashion accessory, especially among the younger crowd, as the watches were available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Swatch watches were also relatively inexpensive. This made them affordable to young adults, and one of the main reasons why they were everywhere in the mid-80s.

Swatch Watches In The 80s

Swatch watches were popular in the 80s because of their individuality and cool designs. People were looking for watches that were different, and Swatch watches fit the bill. When Swatch watches first came out, there really wasn’t anything else like them on the market.

The Swatch watch was designed with the aim of providing consumers with a watch that was cheap and durable. The Swatch was designed with a stainless steel case and a plastic band, and often came with additional bands in a variety of bold colors and patterns.

The designs were colorful and eye catching, and they perfectly matched many of the bright neon 80s fashion trends at the time.

swatch watch 80s
Swatch Watches Were Popular Because They Were Stylish And Affordable
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In addition, the company made the watch face interchangeable so that consumers could change the face of the watch to meet their visual needs.

For example if a consumer wanted a pink watch, they could simply purchase a pink watch face and then proceed to swap the face out.

This was a unique feature that made the watch more customizable and allowed for the user to match it to any outfit. This made competing watches seem boring, and thus boosted the Swatch watch further in popularity making them one of the more memorable 80s fashion accessories that we think of when we remember the 1980s.

swatch watches 80s
Swatch Watches Had Interchangeable Faces Which Made Them A Versatile Fashion Accessory

Swatch watches also grew in popularity because they had strong marketing campaigns. Swatch held a fashion show in New York, and they also constantly released a variety of different colors and designs.

They also had a campaign called “The World of Swatch”, which was a multimedia campaign that was released in 1983. The Swatch company also released a number of advertisements in magazines, as well as TV commercials that really pushed that 80s lifestyle.

Are Swatch Watches Still Popular?

There are many reasons why the popularity of Swatch watches declined by the end of the 1980s. The price of Swatch watches was one of the main reasons for their decline as they got a bit more expensive with their newfound popularity. Although Swatch watches were still relatively inexpensive, their prices were still higher than the prices of other watches that came out later.

Also after their initial flurry of designs at the inception of the company, their watches did not really change much. The lack of innovative designs after some initial success only added to the brand’s decline.

Furthermore the bright colors that were typical of a Swatch watch also fell out of style after the 1980s.

However as all things retro fashion, it wouldn’t surprise us if these watches came back in style at some point in the future. Whether they do or not, we will always remember the bright and fun Swatch watch as part of 80s fashion history.

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