80’s Music

We’re Still In Awe Of “These Dreams” By Heart

80's Music May 31, 2022

“These Dreams,” a single by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Heart, topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts when it was released on January 18, 1986. The smooth melody and powerful vocals makes this song one of the most memorable of the 1980s. It became the band’s first-ever number one single, propelling Heart to global pop superstardom. Since 1986,…

The Story Behind “Walk Like An Egyptian” By The Bangles

80's Music May 31, 2022

“Walk Like an Egyptian” was dubbed to be the number one song in the US in 1987. Sang by American all-female pop group, The Bangles, the song reached #1 on the Billboard 100 for four weeks between the end of 1986 to January of 1987. Even if you didn’t grow up in the 1980s, this catchy tune is one you’ve…

Looking Back At “Sweet Dreams” (Are Made Of This)

80's Music May 31, 2022

Who could forget “Sweet dreams are made of this” as an opening verse? Some songs from the early 80s are easily forgotten and some are best left to collect dust on the shelf, but remembering ˝Sweet Dreams˝ by The Eurythmics is something we don’t have to dig deep into our memory for. If you don’t know the song by name,…

Remembering “Never Gonna Give You Up” By Rick Astley

80's Music May 29, 2022

It was 1987 when Rick Astley first “rolled” into the music scene. Out of nowhere, the song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” rode its way to the top positions in both the US and UK charts. The song became so popular, that it managed to hit number one in more than 25 countries worldwide. It took Rick Astley mere weeks…

The Unlikely Story Of “Africa” By Toto

80's Music May 29, 2022

When people think of the best 80s music, “Africa” by Toto is a top 10 pick all-time for many. The early 1980s brought a number of excellent new songs to the music industry. But one of the most popular songs of 1982 almost never was. The song “Africa” has become an ingrained part of 1980s culture, but the story behind…

Remembering “Take On Me” By A-ha

80's Music May 29, 2022

It was 1985 when the song “Take on Me” by A-Ha first appeared on MTV. It would be impossible for anyone who grew up in the 1980s to not remember this unforgettable music video. The moment you heard the beats from the synthesizer coming over the speaker, your feet started tapping to the beat. And of course who could forget…

Remember 80s Star Irene Cara?

80's Music May 17, 2022

Irene Cara should ring a bell if you were around in the 1980s. Irene Cara was a singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, voice-over artist, and model. She was also a fashion icon that appeared in many fashion magazines, and from the jump she just seemed like she was destined to be a star. Irene Cara seemed like she was almost everywhere…

5 Funny 80s Songs We Shouldn’t Forget

80's Music May 16, 2022

When it came to music, we like to say that the 80s had the best music ever. However despite the epic songs we still jam to till this day, there were also quite a few songs from the 80s that were hysterically funny because they were hysterically awful! Arguably, the most important event to affect music throughout the 1980s was…

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