80’s Accessories

British Knights Shoes

80's Accessories Jun 07, 2022

It was 1986 when British Knights made their way into the fashion industry. While other shoemakers were focused on producing higher-end shoes with the help of endorsements from professional basketball players, British Knights focused on the emerging hip-hop culture and providing affordable designer shoes for inner-city youth. If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you owned a pair…

Sperry Top-Siders

80's Accessories Jun 07, 2022

A shoe that was massively popular in the 1980s was the “Sperry Top-Sider” or “Sperrys” for short. Fashion in the 1980s wasn’t necessarily all about bright neon fashion, there was a big “preppy movement” as well. For those who wanted that preppy look in the early to mid-80s, one of the most popular shoes you could wear were Sperry Top-Siders….

Cazal Sunglasses

80's Accessories Jun 07, 2022

Cazal sunglasses was the ultimate status symbol when it came to fashion accessories in the 80s. The eyewear of choice of many rappers and personalities during the decade, Cazal had the luxury of being called “the eyewear of hip-hop.” While many in the 80s were flocking to Ray-Ban Sunglasses made famous by movies of the time, Cazal was gaining popularity…

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

80's Accessories Jun 06, 2022

Converse All-Stars saw the peak of their popularity in the 1980s with more than 8 million pairs sold in 1986 alone. While the shoes themselves had been around since 1921, they had not changed much in their design over that 60+ years period. As a result, nearly 500 million pairs of the popular Chuck Taylor All-Stars had been manufactured and…

Doc Martens Boots

80's Accessories Jun 06, 2022

Doc Martens boots are simply iconic. These relatively sturdy and simple-looking leather boots have transcended fashion lines, becoming a staple footwear for people from all walks of life. They are worn almost by everyone from students, workmen, supermodels, and rock stars alike. Never have you seen a more versatile shoe that have appealed to that many people. Though the shoe-…

80s Swatch Watches

80's Accessories May 25, 2022

Swatch watches (or ‘Swatches’) were a popular fashion accessory during the 1980s. Originally they were designed for outdoor enthusiasts, but 80s Swatch watches quickly became a cultural sensation during the era. The watches quickly became a popular fashion accessory, especially among the younger crowd, as the watches were available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Swatch watches were…

Popular 80s Makeup Looks – 80s Makeup Trends

80's Accessories May 17, 2022

When it comes to 80s makeup looks the choices really are endless. In the 1980s, women had a lot of choices when it came to their makeup. There were various products on the market, and women could choose between foundations, powders, blushes, and a variety of other products. Some of the most popular makeup trends of the 1980s included bold…