80’s Accessories

Shoulder Pads

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

During the 1980’s shoulder pads became very popular, and gave the wearer the bigger and broader looking shoulders. Pop stars, movie stars and soap stars helped this iconic accessory become a worldwide phenomenon, so much so shoulder pads were usually sewn into garments, and there would be little or no need to buy them separately. Both men and women wore…

Huge Earrings

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

During the 1980’s huge earrings became an iconic fashion statement, and they were the accessory to wear if you wanted to have style and sophistication, without being afraid to show it. Thanks to television shows such as ‘Dynasty’ huge earrings meant you were going places, that you wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer, and you loved the fact they were…

Four Finger Rings

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

There is nothing more intimidating than a person walking down the street with what at first you think are brass knuckles. However, when you get closer you realize they are not brass knuckles, but four finger rings on the person wearing them. They are intimidating at first, but once you realize they are a fashion statement you realize how intriguing…

Fingerless Gloves

80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

During the middle of the 1980’s fingerless gloves started to become very fashionable. It’s thought they became very popular at around 1984, as a wide variety of pop and rock stars wore them as accessories. There was a time when fingerless gloves served a non-fashion related purpose, and they merely helped to keep the wearers hands warm, while enabling them…

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