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80's Accessories Jan 02, 2014

Leg warmers were incredibly popular in the 1980’s, and just about every young girl and woman had the privilege of wearing them. Leg warmers were worn on the lower legs and helped to keep them warm.

Originally worn by some dancers, it was thought they would keep the leg muscles warm. While there has never been any proof they would help to prevent muscle cramps and other injuries associated with cold legs, they were still worn much of the time.

80s Leg Warmers
80s Fashion Trend: Leg Warmers

Made from cotton, wool, chenille or even synthetic fibers, leg warmers are comfortable and usually worn just below the knee, finishing at the ankle. If you didn’t like leg warmers in the 1980’s, you may have worn ankle warmers, which were a lot shorter and occasionally thinner.

80s Leg Warmers

Leg warmers became very popular thanks to movies such as ‘Flashdance’ and ‘Fame; these movies inspired a lot of people to take up aerobics, and with that came the need to wear leg warmers.

Originally in black, soon many different colored leg warmers found their way into clothing stores. This meant anyone could buy leg warmers that suited just about any outfit, and not only did they look good, they helped you to stay warm too.


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Worn with aerobic gear, or even with jeans or leggings, leg warmers soon became fashionable, and it wasn’t uncommon for teenage girls and young women to be seen wearing them. Worn over leggings, jeans or even with a skirt, leg warmers looked good and were easy to wear. The variety of colors and fabrics available meant leg warmer lovers everywhere could choose from a wide range of leg warmers that suited every budget.
What’s incredible about leg warmers is they hung around in the 1980’s for a lot longer than other fashionable clothes and accessories did. While fashions came and went, leg warmers managed to stick around until the middle of the 80’s.

Are Leg Warmers Still Popular?

The good news is leg warmers are not extinct, despite them being made redundant in the late 1980’s. You can still find leg warmers for sale in some clothing and dance stores, but the design won’t be as varied or as fashionable as it once was.
But all is not lost as manufacturers of leg warmers have somehow managed to find their way onto a new market that perhaps none of us were expecting.

Leg warmers have somehow become very popular with parents of babies and toddlers. This is because they can help to keep their children warm while they change their diapers. This just goes to show how multi-functional leg warmers are, and how they can be used by just about anyone of any age.
The great news is there are still a lot of fans out there, people who love to wear leg warmers day in, day out, regardless of whether they are dancers or not. Because there’s also a love for all-things retro, it’s likely that leg warmers will soon be finding their way back on to high street stores in the not too distant future.

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