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80's Tops Jan 02, 2014

Along with very baggy pants, fingerless gloves and huge earrings, another much-loved and frequently worn item of 80’s clothing was the oversized top. No-one knows for sure exactly where this phenomenon started, but there’s a chance it could have originated from the movie ‘Flashdance’ which stars Jennifer Beal as a welder who dances at night.

This movie was incredibly popular, which means it’s no wonder the clothing was copied by almost every young woman in the 1980’s. The oversized top is one of those 80s fashions that were stylish but also very comfortable.
Alongside the leg warmers and high heels that were worn in and after this movie, oversized tops, be they sweatshirts or t-shirts became incredibly popular and we the essential fashion item.

80s Oversized Tops 

In the 1980s, oversized tops were usually worn over other tops, such as bras or tank tops, and on some occasions a smaller t-shirt. Sweatshirts would often have their sleeves cut off to give them a rugged effect, which was quite popular at the time. The tops were then usually work with leggings, jeans or even a mini skirt.
It was common for one of the shirts sleeves to be hung off one of the shoulders, as this was considered to be quite fashionable. During the 80’s you would see a lot of people wearing oversize tops as they were pretty cheap and easy to get hold of.


Colleges And Oversized Tops

As oversized tops started to become more and more popular, colleges decided they would make use of the latest fashion craze and put their logo on the clothing. This became quite a phenomenon, which is still used to this day, albeit on much smaller tops.

When the 80’s got a lot more colorful and neon colors were the thing to wear, oversized tops could be found in the brightest of colors imaginable.

neon oversized top
Neon Oversized Tops Was Popular 80s Fashion
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This meant there was still a huge demand for oversized tops, and you could still wear your favorite type of sweater, but in a much brighter color than ever before. Usually worn over a pair of dark pants or leggings, neon tops looked great and really stood out.

Wear Oversized Tops Anywhere 

One of the good things about oversized tops is they could be worn just about anywhere. In the 80’s you probably wouldn’t have gotten away with wearing one to the office, but they could be worn just about anywhere else.

80s oversized tops
Oversized Tops Are Great Anywhere 80s Fashion

People were often seen wearing oversized tops during sporting events, at the mall, in clubs or at home. They were a comfortable and fashionable item of clothing that looked good and were great to wear.

Oversized Shirts

For the most part, people wore oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, but sooner or later the oversized shirt came along and added a whole new dimension to peoples’ wardrobes. These shirts were not made for tucking in, they were made to hang out, and they were often worn with a belt around the middle, and a few huge shoulder pads thrown in.

This was how you could stay stylish in the 80’s and early 90’s, and who knows, we may see this trend making a comeback in the 21st century too.

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