Patriotic 80’s Cartoon G.I. Joe Remembered

The greatest brands are the ones that stand for something. They teach us something about ourselves or give us a sense of belonging, or they make us laugh. With this in mind, we can turn to one of the most popular cartoons of all time to see what makes it so appealing. G.I. Joe is about a group of soldiers who fight evil and always come out on top. They were warriors who fought for freedom and justice in a world filled with conflict and danger, and their adversaries were about real-world problems like terrorism and drug trafficking!

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G.I. Joe, was one of the most popular cartoons in the early ’80s, and with good reason! The story behind the brand had a lot going for it from the start; strong characters, an exciting back story, and action-packed plotlines were just a few of its strengths. But to understand why G.I. Joe was such a huge success, we have to look at everything that made up this brand – from its name to its logo and all points in between – to truly get a feel for what made it so appealing to both kids and adults alike!

G.I. Joe symbolized American strength and security during the Cold War era in the early ’60s. The show, produced by ex-Disney employees, became a smash hit with children across America and was run for ten years until its final episode aired in August of 1982.

5 things that stood out about G.I. Joe and Friends Realistic


2)The team was diverse

3)Complex and deep characters


5)The comic book

There are many reasons why G.I. Joe was so popular, but it all starts with the toys themselves. The designers at Hasbro put a lot of work into making sure each toy was as authentic to the show as possible, right down to the style of blowback for each action figure. If you love retro toys and cartoons, then you’re going to love this show!

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If you’re a fan of 80s cartoons, the chances are good that you watched G.I. Joe.

G.I. Joe was a 1980s T.V. show that told the story of an elite force comprised of special military personal who were always ready to defend freedom and democracy worldwide from Cobra, their evil enemy! The name “G.I. Joe” is an acronym for “Government IssueJoe’s” or “General InfantryJoe’s,” depending on which source you read!

5 Reasons G.I. Joe was so great

1. Action Figures

2. Joe Team

3. Realistic Weapons

4. Vehicles and Playsets

5. G.I. Joes were more than just toys!

The cartoon was a massive hit because it channeled American people’s feelings after the Vietnam War and how they felt about their country. It was fun to watch, exciting, and patriotic. To say that G.I. Joe was a popular cartoon in the 1980s would be an understatement! From 1985-1986 alone, there were 195 episodes released for syndication across both seasons! With a total of 28 million viewers during its run. G.I. Joe made the top ten shows for five years in a row. It was the first show that used real life actors and actresses in character roles as well as voice actors. G.I. Joe was one of the popular animated series of the 1980s with its own action figure line and comic book series.

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