The 4 Greatest 80s Fleetwood Mac Songs

Fleetwood Mac is an icon in the music industry. The British-American pop band has a lot of awards and recognition. They have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and sold more than 120 million albums worldwide. But all have their bad days, and the 80s was that period for the group. However, they managed to rise above the challenge with two studio albums. Knowing these facts makes you wonder, what were the most popular “Fleetwood Mac” songs from the 1980s? Read on and find out!

Hold Me (1982)

Hold Me is a composition of Christine McVie, who is also the keyboardist and vocalist of the band. This work has collaborated with singer-songwriter Robbie Patton. This pop-rock song is the first title released from the album Mirage.

This track had a successful release in the United States and peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Pop Chart. It managed to reign for about seven weeks. This song has beautiful harmony, plus Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar solo is a gem.

Gypsy (1982)

It is the second song released from the album Mirage, and it also became a hit. This tune is composed by Stevie Nicks. It is well received overseas and peaked at number 12 in the Billboard Hot 100. It managed to stay in there for three weeks. This track held a special meaning to Nicks.

The inspiration came from a friend who passed away due to leukemia. And also nostalgia about the band’s humble beginnings. This tune is very soulful and makes the listener feel they went on a very long journey and made it back.

Little Lies (1987)

Little Lies is the third single from the album Tango in the Night was composed by Christine Mcvie and Eddy Quintela. Many speculate that the song’s inspiration was Mcvie and Quintela’s impending fall out from romance. Mcvie did most of the vocals in this single.

The background singers for this tune are Nicks and Buckingham. It was able to land on number four in the Billboard Hot 100 and reached first place for four weeks in the US Adult Contemporary Chart. Fans often praise the bass playing on this number which is very mesmerizing. This song is very influential that Hilary Duff did a cover of this in 2016.

Big Love (1987)

Big Love is the first song released from Tango in the Night album. This soft pop-rock song was composed by Lindsey Buckingham. It also has an upbeat vibe that will entice the listeners to dance. This track managed to land on number five in the US Billboard Hot 100 and second in the US Mainstream Rock.

This song also did well in the United Kingdom, landing on number nine position in the charts. This song has many assets that have listeners hooked. Lindsey was able to showcase his versatile voice. The guitar riffs and drumbeats set the overall mood of the song. All of it combined, it is a musical masterpiece like no other from the 1980s.

So those are our picks for the best Fleetwood Mac songs from the 1980s. Did your favorite make the list?

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