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The 6 Best 80s Diana Ross Songs

80's Music Dec 08, 2021

Diana Ross is an American pop singer and actress who rose to worldwide popularity first as the lead vocalist of the Supremes and then as a solo artist. On March 26th, 1944, Diane Earle was born in Detroit, Michigan, and she would go on to be one of the most influential singers of a generation.

Diana Ross is well renowned for her unique voice, strong personality, fashion sense, dramatic makeup including cat eyes and vivid red lipstick.

The Best 80s Diana Ross Songs

Diana Ross’ albums from the 1980s were the greatest. She didn’t guarantee at the time that she’d be able to make it on her own – but it would have taken the end of the world to prevent it.

Diana evolved into an adult-oriented performer, the kind of star that Motown had yearned for but had yet to find. What were the most popular “Diana Ross” songs from the 1980s? Here’s are our top picks for the best Diana Ross songs from the 1980s.

1. I’m Coming Out (1980)

Arguably one of her most popular songs, “Im coming out” is a tune you most likely recognize, but perhaps you didn’t know that it was a Diana Ross song from the early 80s.

Diana provides an anthem for people who want to let go of inhibitions in a brilliant piece of 1980 dance. “I’m Coming Out” is a song you should listen to if you’re going to learn how to express yourself and break out of your shell. Diana Ross’s amazing song illustrates the singer’s determination to be proud of who she is.

2. Upside Down (1980)

“Upside Down” is another one of Diana Ross’ most recognizable hits. Diana Ross’ most excellent solo song created history by simultaneously topping the R&B Singles, Pop Singles, Hot 100, and Dance charts in the US… the first and only time it has ever occurred in the United States.

3. Chain Reaction (1986)

This song was written by the Bee Gees, renowned in the 1970s for their disco songs. The term is accurate since it represents what occurs when someone initiates an issue and others respond in unison. This is how this song came to be, as Diana Ross’s voice portrays her conflicted feelings of rage and fear on this track.

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4. My Old Piano (1980)

My Old Piano is a song written by Stevie Wonder and sung by Diana Ross in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Her tenth studio album’s third single in the United States and second in the United Kingdom and other countries, it reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100. A piano is described as a person in Ross’s song, which tells how much she enjoys playing it.

5. It’s My Turn (1981)

Carole Bayer Sager and Michael Masser wrote the song “It’s My Turn” for Diana Ross, released in 1981. In addition to becoming a top ten success on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching number nine, the song reached the Billboard Soul chart’s highest position of 14. It served as the title song for Coney Reyes on Camera, a 1984 Philippine television drama series.

6. Missing You (1985)

Lionel Richie wrote the song Missing You, which Diana Ross sang. In November 1984, the song was released as the fourth single from her 1984 album Swept Away. “Missing You” was written by Lionel Richie as a tribute to Marvin Gaye, who was murdered earlier that year, and it became one of RCA’s most influential songs.

So those are our picks for the best Diana Ross songs from the 1980s. Diana Ross is a legend, and she continues to influence thousands of artists that have appreciate her style and musical talents.

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