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The 80s Movies Memes We Love

The 80's Blog Apr 26, 2022

These days memes are all the rage, and why not, they make us laugh like nothing else on the internet! However if you’re a fan of the 80s, did you notice that when it comes to movies it seems that the 1980s seems to be “memed” the most?

Now if you’re like us, this won’t surprise you one bit. Movies from the 1980s were full of iconic characters (many funny as hell) that we still remember all these decades later, and these make them perfect for memes.

So here are a few of our favorite 1980s movie memes!

Ivan Drago

Who could forget Rocky Balboa’s arch nemesis in Rocky IV (1985). People in America were in the midst of the Cold War and we hated everything Soviet Union! But as much as we hated Ivan Drago, his “If he dies, he dies” meme has spurred thousands of iterations and is one of the best 80s movie memes out there right now.

Rocky Balboa

And of course we couldn’t leave out Rocky Balboa after mentioning Ivan Drago. To many Rocky Balboa represents an inspiration to all, an underdog who came from nothing, but with hard work and a strong will made it all the way to the top! However he also makes a great 1980s movie meme as well!

Doc Brown

“Back To The Future” was one of the most recognizable franchises from the 1980s, and Doc Brown is easily one of the most memeable characters from that era. Most notably warning Marty McFly about going to the future, which of course makes it perfect fodder for memes.

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The Terminator

Of course what list of 80s movie memes would be complete without arguably the biggest movie star of the 1980s Ahhhnnoollllddd! Terminator memes are always good for a laugh.

John Matrix

Besides the Terminator, who could forget Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic role as Colonel John Matrix in the 1985 classic “Commando”. This movie is probably one of the most over the top movies ever made and of course had many memorable one-liners that were perfect for memes.

Mr. Miyagi

Another classic movie of the 1980s was “The Karate Kid” (1984), and one of the most memorable characters of the 1980s was “Mr Miyagi” who was Daniel Larusso’s karate instructor. The “Grinning Mr. Miyagi” meme is one you’ve probably seen floating around social media, and again he joins a long list of 1980s movie characters that make for great memes!

John Rambo

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger there was Sylvester Stallone, another heavily muscled action movie star from the 1980s. Besides his memorable role as Rocky Balboa, he also played John Rambo from the successful “Rambo” franchise, and lets just say John Rambo is perfect for memes.

The Breakfast Club

The 1980s weren’t all about muscled up action movies, there were hits like “The Breakfast Club” (1985) that also gave us some great meme material as well. Perhaps one of the most iconic is the photo that has all the main characters together which is often used to compare things.

Indiana Jones

Another great meme comes from the 1980s classic “Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Ark” (1981). Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Dr. Indiana Jones in this popular 80s movie franchise is a treasure trove of memes, however probably the most notable one is when he attempts to grab this treasure which of course leads to the triggering of multiple boobie traps!

So here are just a few of our picks for top 1980s movie memes that you probably have seen from one time or another. Did your pick make our list?

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