The 6 Best Robot Movies From The 80s

80's Film And TV Dec 02, 2021

When it comes to 80s films, the best robot movies from the 80s are hilariously entertaining. For a popular science fiction film in the 1980s, you couldn’t go wrong with some robots. Every blockbuster movie from Back To The Future to Aliens relied on them.

The Best Robot Movies Of The 80s

For just about every kid, robots symbolized our interest in technology, and we hoped to have lifelong relationships. Unfortunately, technology didn’t develop as swiftly as the movies of the time claimed.

The 1980s were when some of the best robot movies were ever made, so which one should you watch?

Listed here are the best robot movies from the 1980s:

1. ROBOCOP (1987)

For more than three decades, Robocop has been a cult classic that is still well acclaimed. After the film’s premiere, it spawned two sequels and video games, television shows, and other media.

On its opening weekend in 1993, Robocop 3 had a budget of $100 million, the largest of any of the films, but only brought in $28 million at the box office.

Robocop Movie

2. ROCKY IV (1985)

Everyone’s favorite Rocky movie is Rocky 4, which is one of the greatest movies from the 1980s. In the movie, Paulie meets SICO, a robotics firm that constructed a 7-foot-tall talking robot for him as a birthday present. Because of his newfound friendship with the robot, Paulie first feels betrayed by being handed anything other than his dream sports vehicle. However, he soon realizes that love between humans and robots can exist, and he is thankful for what he has given rather than angry at the handout.

Sico Robot

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Johnny 5 is a robot that is part of an experiment that takes place in the future. Despite this, he chooses to flee from his military owners after being struck by lightning and earning the free choice. They have never been able to catch up to him at his highest pace of 6 MPH, and he eventually takes a break after three years of running.

johnny 5 short circuit


Bubo is not just any robotic owl; he is one of the most advanced robots ever created. Bubo is unique and one of the most memorable robots of 1980s movies that helps rescue the day. As a result, he is probably the favorite robot Owl ever, and he does this by attacking his opponents with a zeal not seen before.

bubo clash of the titans 1981


We can’t think of a better robot than Optimus Prime to be the next robot. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, is our pick from a cast that is, for the most part, comprised of robots.

In many respects, this film is the definitive Robot film of the 1980s, thanks to its excellent synth-driven 80s music by Vince DiCola and a voice-over cast that includes brat pack veteran Judd Nelson and the late Leonard Nimoy.

optimus prime

6. BLADE RUNNER (1982)

Officer Gaff detains and brings Rick Deckard, a former LAPD officer, to Bryant in November of 2019. There are four illegal replicants on Earth, and Deckard’s work as a “blade runner,” which entails tracking down and “retiring” these bioengineered humanoids called “replicants,” is put on hold. Bryant ambiguously threatens Deckard, so Deckard decides to remain. Blade Runner was a movie that was ahead of its time, and why we include it here in our list.

Blade Runner

So those are our best picks when it comes to films from 80s featuring robots. Did yours make the list?

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