The Worst Movies Of The 1980s

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Horrible movies are made every year, but the 1980s had some particularly bad ones. The 80s was a time of great music, fashion, and movies. However sometimes this renaissance led to disasters on the big screen.

The Worst 80s Movies

The 1980s had plenty of terrible movies, and we dug through quite a few to bring you this list.

Here are a few of the worst movies of the 1980s to check out when you get the chance:

1. The Toxic Avenger (1984)

There was actually a video game about this, but that doesn’t exactly mean it was a successful movie.

The premise was that a small, nerdy janitor from New Jersey fell into a barrel of radioactive ooze. This ooze transformed him into a nasty-looking, powerful superhero who used a mop as his main weapon.

toxic avenger
“The Toxic Avenger” 1984

This movie was, like many 80s movies, pretty gruesome. The acting was horrible, the story wasn’t very good either, and the makeup was pretty bad by today’s standards. But it’s still a good one to watch for a few laughs.

toxic avenger

2. 976-Evil (1988)

This one had a strange idea. The main character in this movie dials 976-EVIL in his phone, which then causes some strange stuff to happen. He gains some demonic powers and then meets a girl who he likes.

976 Evil
“976-Evil” 1988

…but then they guy’s cousin dials the same number, goes crazy and starts killing a bunch of people. Eventually he turns into a demon, and now it’s up to the main character to save the day.
This movie wasn’t really scary or exciting though. It was more like a drama or action movie that tried to have some scary elements but it didn’t work.

976 evil

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3. Deathstalker (1983)

This movie is a typical warrior-saves-the-scantily-clad-girl movie. You know, evil wizard wants to destroy the world, a big bad dude with muscles has to find some magical artifacts to save the day- that kind of stuff. And in case you weren’t convinced you’d want to spend your hard earned dollars yet, it also has an epic trailer!


Somehow this movie had a ton of sequels. It’s kinda hard to understand why, until you realize that most of the females in these movies are hardly wearing anything and are abnormally attractive.

But hey, maybe this movie was just unique enough to warrant a new fan club. After all, there really weren’t as many movie options in the 80s as we have today.

4. Garage Pail Kids (1987)

This was definitely a weird one.

This movie was about a bucket of ooze (for some reason ooze was popular in the 80s) that spills. The ooze forms itself into the garage pail kids- a few kids that have very strange afflictions. For example, one of them has the face of an alligator.

garbage pail kids
“Garbage Pail Kids” 1987

Throughout the movie, these “kids” are horribly treated. Being mutants, everyone thinks they’re nasty and they do everything from working in what’s basically a sweatshop to a circus.

5. Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

Yup- this movie is as bad as it sounds. Maybe worse.

The Surf Nazis are gangbangers who go around doing what typical gangbangers do. Take purses from little old ladies, beat up whoever they don’t like, and paint gang symbols (i.e. swastikas) all over town.

Surf Nazis Must Die

During the movie, a rival gang tries to take em down- no dice. Then another good guy named Leroy Washington tries to beat em, but he gets taken out as well.

Finally, Leroy’s now very angry grandma escapes from the nursing home to go on a rampage against the Surf Nazis.

A band of young gangsters against a very angry old lady apparently didn’t stand a chance.

So those are our picks for the worst 80s movies ever. Did you think we left any out?

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